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Columbia, MD, 21044
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Holly is an adorably scruffy pup who we know is part chihuahua, but we are guessing that there is some terrier in her. She is 2 years old and weighs 23 lbs. Holly came to us at the end of March from a hoarding situation. Simply known as #46, she was found buried under piles of newspapers. Holly, named for one of our favorite Audrey Hepburn characters, was afraid of light. Her world was so dark under all those papers that when she was out in the sunlight, she froze.

After having been in our care for 8 weeks, we can say with certainty that while Holly does have the quirks of a dog never properly socialized, she is ready to be someones forever pet. Holly was one of 49 dogs, and while she is currently housed with one of her sister/cousin/nieces, she should be the only pet. Holly will bark when she sees another dog. Initially, we thought it was just large dogs, but she will bark and growl at dogs her size and less. When we redirect her, she will snap at anything nearby including ankles and other dogs.

Holly has no manners. ZERO. Nada. ZILCH. She is also a flight risk. Holly is still very frightened of people, although she does understand they are good for food and fresh water.

Hollys perfect home (because we do believe in unicorns) is one where she lives with a single or married older couple who is patient, kind, loving, and quiet. They also need to have a sense of humor and patience. Did we already say that? She should not be in a home with children. She would do well in an apartment or townhouse, and she only barks when she sees another dog, so being on the second floor or higher is best. She should not be unattended because she will find any opportunity to slip through a fence.

Holly has splayed front feet, but that was caused by poor puppy nutrition and does not affect her health in any way now. She is otherwise in surprisingly good shape and very healthy. We think her easty westy feet suit her scruff and make her even more adorable.
Hollys adoption donation fee is $350, which includes spay/neuter, routine vetting and a microchip. You can apply for Holly by filling out our online application, which is found on our website or Please email us at with any questions.


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