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In shelter Dog

Salt Lake City, UT, 84117
Pet name:
This little sauce is Kujee! She is an 8lb butter-ball of a senior who is busting at the seams with quirky and adorable chihuahua characteristics! She is looking for a low-traffic home where she can be the queen bee and the center of her home. Kujee loves to lounge, snuggle, give kisses, grunt, give booty wiggles, to eat, and enjoys a good chew bone. She does pretty good with other dogs and, if not an only dog, would be best paired with another easy going, laid back dog since she really enjoys being the boss. At 12 years old, we are committed to letting her shout out orders, making her remaining years as enjoyable as possible. 

This sweet and snuggly little gal needs a short time to warm up to new people. Once she is comfortable she transforms into a squishy, little kiss-giving potato and can melt your heart with her adorable smile and wiggles. She enjoys the retreat of her crate and would be happiest with access to one in her adoptive home, even if just with the door open. Kujee has had past damage to one of her eyes and as a result will just need daily eye drops to keep it comfortable, she cant see out of it but it doesnt bother her- no further medical is needed, just eye drops for support. 

Kujee is also insulin dependent and will need 2x daily injections along with her prescription diabetic kibble meals- which she handles like a champ! This medication is super affordable- (under $30 monthly) but is not optional, she must have it to survive, so a family who understands this process or is willing to learn/commit to her health is a requirement. 

Kujee loves to snuggle with her people on the couch and to referee any chaos in the home. She hates the leash and will need a fenced yard to occasionally meander and to do her business. This senior girl would be happiest in a low-traffic and low-energy home or even as an only dog who gets all of the adoration from her people. 

Her adoption fee is $100. She is fixed, vaccinated and microchipped. 
You can apply to adopt her online at Thanks! If you are interested in adopting a CAWS pet, please fill out an online application at


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