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Emmy and Ozzy   

In shelter Bird

Parrish, FL, 34219
Pet name:
Emmy and Ozzy
Hi, Im Emma and this is my brother, Ozzy.  We are a VERY bonded pair of Jenday Conures between 2 and 3 years old. Jenday Conures can live up to 30 years, so we are young and have many years of companionship left! We sadly came into the care of FL Parrot Rescue when our dad passed away. But we know that FPR is going to find us our new forever home where we will be loved and taken care of. 

As you can see in our pictures, Ozzy is missing feathers. When our dad passed away, Ozzy got really upset and plucked a lot of his feathers, but they are starting to grow back now. Im very protective of Ozzy and dont like to be away from him. Ozzy likes to stick by my side too and will follow whatever I do. I am very curious about everything and will check things out. Ozzy is a little timider than I am. Although our personalities are a little different, we definitely complement each other.  We are very bonded and must be adopted together. Although we are bonded, we are in separate cages. 

One thing to know about us is that we are loud! We can only be adopted into a single-family home due to this, so no shared walls. 

Before our dad passed, we were always out of the cage flying around, but we werent hand tamed at all. We would bite him a lot. When our foster mom first tried to handle us, we bit her too! But luckily, our foster mom keeps working with us every day and now we step up without biting. Ozzy usually wants me to go first and then he follows. Our favorite treat for learning how to step up and not bite are sunflower seeds. We are still learning, so were expecting more yummy sunflower seeds in our future!  We were on a seed diet but have been converted to a fully pelleted diet. The vet said we were a little overweight, but our new diet will help with that. Soon well be able to try fruits and veggies. Im just hoping we get the good stuff! 

We love to be talked to and get lots of attention from our foster parents! We are good with dogs and other birds. We havent been around cats or kids yet.

We are a dynamic duo and cant wait to find our forever home! If you want to meet us, fill out an application below! 

Foster Location: Parrish, FL

Emmy and Ozzy would love a “Welcome to Foster” gift. You can view their wishlist at this link:

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