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Candy D211245   

In shelter Dog

Minnetonka, MN, 55345
Pet name:
Candy D211245
You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.Name: Candy
Age: 6.5 years
Gender: Female
Breed: Dachshund mix
Weight: 10 lbs
Dog friendly: Yes, prefers calm canine friends
Cat friendly: Yes, tolerant
Kid friendly: Unknown, older considerate children only
House Trained:
In progress, She will go outside and go potty if kept on a schedule

Crate Trained: She does not seem to mind her crate. She likes to bury herself under all the blankets and will go in there when she needs quiet time.
History: From a shelter in Alabama
Adoption Fee: $200

From the Foster:

Throughout the course of my veterinary care at Secondhand Hounds it was discovered that I have inflammatory airway disease and a chronic cough (associated with chronic lower airway disease.) Thankfully, I have responded well to steroids and an inhaler. Future adopters should continue to monitor my cough with their primary veterinarian.

Candy is a very sweet little girl, but she is more of a loner.

She likes to suckle her blankets and it helps her calm down and rest.

She will sit by me on the couch and hang out with me while I work but she loves her alone time under the blankets.

She is coming out of her shell every day and showing some of her personality.

She now plays with her little ducky toy. She will drop it near me and if I throw it she will go get it.

Candy and the resident cat just hang out together.

She seems to have no interest in him but does guard her bed and will growl and chase the cat away if he gets too close :).

She does this with other dogs too.

We are working just being verbal and not chasing but this is a work in progress.

I have noticed lately that she is more tolerant of the cat.

He is determined to get her to like him.

She is doing quite well with the potty training.

I take her outside on a regular basis and she gladly does her business.

She now stands at the top of the stairs as if to tell me she wats out. If you ask her if she wants to go outside and go potty, she will wag her tail and run downstairs to be let out. She does use potty pads if I am gone or at night.

It is rare that she will pee on the pad at night.

Candy is a sweet little girl.

She is working on getting well. She is currently on medication for her lung inflammation. She is on an inhaler twice a day and steroids twice a week. She eats very well and loves soft treats.

We have been working on the sit command and touch a target command.

At night she sleeps on the couch under her blankets.

Her crate is in the same room as her and the door is open.

I have a gate that keeps her upstairs with me in the kitchen and living room area.

These areas have no carpet. As mentioned before, I just put out a few peed pads in case.

Her new thing is to sniff under my bedroom door when she gets up in the morning.

When I open the door ,she rushes in with her tail wagging and I get down on the floor and let her snuggle around my neck.

She then does her excited bark to be fed and then outside we go.

She absolutely loves car rides.

She cannot get out the door fast enough to run to the car for you to open it for her.

She sits in the front seat in her bed.

She loves to just sit out in the backyard (Fenced in).

She is reactive to people walking by, but we are working on that.

She does seem to enjoy going on walks and walks really well when there are two of use.

When it is only me she does not go as far or seem as interested.

To be aware of:

She is very little and could be hurt easily by a big dog or young children who might grab her or accidently fall on her.

She would not be good in a home where she cannot be not left alone. She doesnt like to be surprised or bugged while sleeping/resting and will make that known by growling.

She will always growl first when not happy or scared.

Like any dog if the growls are not listened to she could have a tendency to nip.

She has not nipped me. As she has gotten to know and trust me, I can pet her, sit next to her, and pick her up. She will need someone to be consistent, patient and allow her to make decisions on being petted or handled.

I do this by putting out my hand and if she reaches out to my hand or puts her nose on my hand then I know I have been given permission to let her.

As with all fosters or dogs going to a new home, she needs time to decompress and feel safe.

As they say 3 days to decompress, 3 weeks to know the routine and 3 months for it to feel like home.

Her best home would be a very quiet and calm setting with 1 or 2 adults and no children.

She does not seem to mind other small dogs but have not seen her bond with them.


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