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In shelter Cat

Ottawa, IL, 61350
Pet name:
Domestic Long Hair
* Applications must be filled out and approved before the meet and greet. No phone calls please. Thank you! *

Daisy is the only girl of the litter and she is BEAUTIFUL! She is mostly white but she is still a calico beauty with her orange and black splotch on her head and her tabby and orange tail. She has medium to long length fur thats SOO soft and silky, and the most gorgeous eyes. She is about 4 months old.
Daisy is a pretty little princess and she KNOWS IT! She just craves love and being treated like royalty. While her brothers are running around and being crazy, she prefers to hang back and watch them in the comfort of her throne, aka, your lap! Of course she does still run around and play with them when her servants are not available. She especially loves being brushed and having her belly rubbed. 

Daisy is part of the Garden Kittens litter. She has four adorable brothers named Cosmo, Twiggy, Sprout, and Yarrow. This litter is absolutely stunning with such unique markings!

The Garden Kittens were living in a beautiful backyard of a kind individuals home. They were recently rescued at the age of 4 months old and they have done remarkably well. Even though they were trapped and nervous of being brought indoors they purred instantly for us! They are scared of being approached but quickly warm up and really enjoy pets and attention. They like to crawl into your lap for snuggles, and they have the LOUDEST purrs!!! You can really see it in their faces that they just soak up all the love you give them, and they just melt when you give them belly rubs.
They are also typical active and playful kittens. They love running around, pouncing on toys, and of course, each other! Some of their favorite toys are puff balls, rattle mice, and plastic springs. They paw them around the room and chase after them adorably. They all love their ball track and really enjoy chasing after wand toys too. They just love to have fun!

These kittens love humans but they will need a patient family that will help them acclimate to a new life. Someone who is willing to give them the time and attention while they adapt to their new home. In no time they will become confident house kitties! They are used to living with many cats in their colony so it is crucial that they have at least one other cat in the home. We will take preference to applications that are interested in a pair of siblings, but we will also consider single adoptions if you already have a young and playful cat at home for them to bond with.

We really hope these guys will not be overlooked for their initial shyness. They are incredible kittens that make progress every single day and will just continue to blossom in a home with more one-on-one attention. They are all spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped so all they need now is a forever home! Please apply for them!

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