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In shelter Cat

Pinehurst, NC, 28374
Pet name:
Domestic Medium Hair
Gray & White
Coat length:
Such excitement! An editor at Copy Cat Magazine telegrammed Mya, extolling her gorgeous glossy coat, her seductive amber eyes, her perfect furry ears and toes.  And those whiskers, that profile! Would she be interested in posing for their next cover? "Would I," she purred, "its a dream come true!"
These pics were taken at her recent photoshoot; we are all anxious to see which one is selected for the CCM cover! As for Mya, she takes her celebrity status in stride. "I figured it was just a matter of time before I was discovered," she mused. "CCM has featured adorable kittens for so long, I knew they would soon be ready for a confident and elegant young adult model, just like Moi!"
Mya is a friendly one-year old, spayed, vaccinated, current on all shots, and tested Negative for FIV/FeLV. Is she litter box trained, you ask?  โ€œOf course I am,โ€ she sniffs! 

Mya is a joy to be with! Easy-going and calm, she presents with a certain quiet dignity.  She is very affectionate and will quickly become your best friend. Mya gives gentle head butts and loves to curl up next to her humans for comfort.  She does play with her felt wand toy, but only for a bit because she is too genteel, too proper for such kitten antics. Her preferred activities include keeping an eye on the neighborhood from her perch on the cat tree and then settling next to you on the couch with the dayโ€™s report.  If itโ€™s been a quiet day in โ€œthe hood,โ€ Mya is content to pass the time with you, watching soap operas and talk shows.  Mya is independent enough to thrive with a family who works away from home.


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