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Purrsephone- Special Needs   

In shelter Cat

Anchorage, AK, 99507
Pet name:
Purrsephone- Special Needs
Domestic Short Hair
Dilute Tortoiseshell
Coat length:
Please read Purrsephones bio very carefully. She has significant special needs and requires a home that will be able to provide her with the continued quality care she needs. If you are interested in adopting her, please complete our adoption application and email it to us at

Purrsephone was born with a congenital condition in her spine that affects her ability to control her bladder and bowels. She must be expressed and stimulated at least 3 times a day. This keeps her bladder empty and her bowels moving along with keeping her clean. 
She was treated by our veterinarian who also consulted with a neurologist to assess her condition. 
She is on a special fiber diet and takes two medications for motility reasons.

Purrsephone is 3 years old now. She has been spayed, vaccinated, and has been evaluated by her vet. She is a dynamic, playful youngster who is as fast as lightning! Purrsephone loves to frolic, leap, wrestle, and explore. The best time to give her free reign is after she has been expressed and stimulated. This prevents a mess around your home and also relieves her! She has been around other feline friends and has met the resident Chihuahua in her foster home. She is an affectionate lovebug who doesnt let her "disability" interfere with her daily life. 
What always ameowzes us about our rescues is their can-do cattitudes! Purrsephone does have feeling in her lower area so when expressing and stimulating her, that is done with care and gentleness. She is always rewarded generously afterward with snuggles (she loves to cuddle up in your arms). We use only positive based methods and want our rescues to have the most fulfilling lives. 

Purrsephone will require this type of care for the rest of her life and we hope that her home to be will be willing to give her the best life possible! 

We will provide you with our purrsonal training and guidance to help ensure her transition is smooth and successful, Our supports will continue for as long as needed/wanted by her home as our rescues always remain a member of the Mojos Hope family. 

Enrichment and friendship building time is implemented every day in their foster home and we aim to end each "session" on a positive note. They are an exceptionally sweet and loving pair that would make a wonderful addition to your loving home.

Mojos Hope always wants to ensure that our rescues choose the most wonderful home possible. To help our adopters match up with the PURRfect pet, we are asking something unique for our adoption fee.

First, we ask you to please fill out our adoption application. Our adoption fee for cats is generally $100.00. Instead of paying this adoption fee, we are asking our adopters to use that money towards preparing for the arrival of their newest addition.

Here is a list of suggested supplies to get your home ready. •Food/Water dishes • Uncovered Litter Box/Litter
• Scratching Posts/Cat Trees
• Feliway (cat pheromone that assists with stress and behaviors)
• Cat Beds/Hidey Spot/Cube/Kennel (foster home will provide at least one piece of bedding or a bed from the foster home to assist with the transition, having their own smell alleviates stress)
• Cat Trees/Perches
• Music (Through a Cat’s Ear is highly recommended,
• Enrichment Toys
• Cat DVDs
• Collar/harness/ID tag
• Carrier

Mojos Hope provides a care package for each of our rescues when they go to their adoptive home. This care package includes food, bedding, toys, enrichment activities, treats, and a transition packet. The transition packet provides the adopter with a look into the daily life of our rescue and helps the cat and the family support each other during this process.

Mojos Hope has a very clear and strong position when it comes to cats keeping their claws. We are adamantly opposed to declawing. It is barbaric, cruel, and has proven to cause long-term negative effects on the cat’s body and emotional well-being. Both our adoption application and agreements have an additional clause that the adoptive family signs, that states very clearly that they agree to reach out to MH if behavior concerns arise and that they are never to declaw the cat.

Please do not submit your application if you have any intention of declawing.

Here is the link to our Adoption Application:


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