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In shelter Cat

Brantford, ON, N3R 0C1
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Coat length:
Chichi is a sweetie pie with pretty white fur and light blue eyes. Her eyes have been hard to see because she came to us with horribly infected sore eyes. We treated her eyes with medication for several months without resolution and the vet determined she had entropian! This is a condition where there are hairs touching the eyes. She had her first surgery in February and after recovery it was determined she needed a second surgery. She recovered from the second surgery and is now ready to find her forever home!

 She came with another cat but isn’t a big fan. She could live with another cat only if they give her space and do not approach her. She has met a 7 year old child who petted her and Chichi loved it! As long as an adult or child sits besides her and moves slowly, chichi adores pats and will muzzle your hand enthusiastically 

Chichi is about 13 years old, adores catnip, cozy cave like nap spots and cheek rubs. Chichi has osteoarthritis and walks in an unusual way because of this. She’s now on pain meds and this helps. Chichi had very bad teeth, but after a dental surgery she is feeling so much better! Chichi is deaf and so is not upset by loud noises. Chichi does have a heart condition that was discovered and is now on once daily medication to support her. 

Chichi loves heated cat beds! She is hesitant to approach people, but if you go to her she practically falls over trying to get cheek rubs and heads pats. She can be picked up but prefers not to be and since her back end can be sore from osteoarthritis we try not to pet her there very much. She enjoys interactive play time with wand toys. We think in a home without other pets Chichi will flourish! 

Chichi’s very favourite spot is on a cat tree in a window. We have her heated cat bed there and she spends most of her time snoozing and looking outside. 

*Chichi has been more tolerant of the other cats at the Sanctuary, she does not attack them. But she will growl and hiss if they get close and this has not changed for months. She would definitely prefer a home without cats and dogs, unless they keep to themselves completely.


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