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Allie (Senior)   

In shelter Cat

Fort Worth, TX, 76102
Pet name:
Allie (Senior)
Domestic Short Hair
Allie was found in mid November of 2021. She was estimated to have been born in 2006. When her owner went to a nursing home, the adult children just put Allie outside. A woman in the neighborhood fed feral cats, and Allie eventually made her way there. With only cardboard boxes to sleep in, and under an airy house when it rained or froze, Allies health declined. When she was rescued, she was near death and weighed just 3 pounds. With lots of care, she has gotten better and is about 8 pounds!

Allie loves to be swaddled in a blanket like a baby, and/or held like a baby while you stand and sway back and forth. She spends many hours in her rescue dads office room, where the heater is on. Many nights, she now comes into the bedroom and sleeps between her two humans on her special blanket, or crawls under the covers to be warm. She also has a heated kitty warmer, and multiple enclosed houses to choose from. Allie loves cardboard boxes, does not play with toys more than a few seconds, and goes CRAZY for catnip. Her foster discovered that when she takes her to her elderly mothers apartment, where she is the only animal, Allie seems to blossom. She wanders everywhere, and will lie on her moms lap while napping. She would do best as an only pet, but especially an only cat, as she is very timid with the other cats at her fosters and will not eat in the same room with them, or roam freely.

Allie is currently on a medicine for her tummy. She does have tummy issues and needs her medicine 3 times daily. She is a picky eater and wont eat wet kitty food that has been opened more than a few hours. Shes had a hard life, and has gotten used to the finer things in foster care. She DOES enjoy fresh protein and she does love Temptation treats too. At this time, her medication can be purchased through Chewy, without a prescription, for $25 per month. Her wet food is approximately $0.50 per day. Allie needs a very special family, with no young children, to give her lots of love and care in her golden years. Shes a sweetheart that deserves it.

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