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In shelter Cat

Herndon, VA, 20172
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
My name is Amye and I cant wait to be your friend. Ive been a house cat all my life until recently, when I was surrendered to a shelter. Thats why I respond to my name and sometimes come when Im called (if I feel like it). My beautiful long tail is slender, like me! Im more on the slim side, and covered in silky black hair.
Now that Im getting more confident, I sometimes like to squeak to get your attention. Ill headbutt you if I think I need more pets. In fact, the more head scritches the better! Ive only been here 5 days so far, but Ive already become the star of a Zoom meeting. It was distracting the human from scritches anyways.
The only places I like to sleep are on the big bed, and in my humans lap. Id love a big window to look out of while I lounge. But my favorite thing is feet. I love to cuddle feet, rub up on feet, smell and nuzzle feet. When I sleep on the big bed, I only like to lean on the humans feet. If one comes out of the blankets, I love it! Ill run over and FLOP! Good socks are a must in my new home.
I can jump onto chairs and beds (and laps) just fine, so please dont pick me up. Strange noises and too much action can be scary at first. Im more of a relaxed girl myself. Quiet, calm and lots of pets. If it gets too noisy, I like to go under the bed until the noise goes away. Its nice and cozy under there.
Ive seen my fair share of vets, and Im not a fan. My foster human said I took medicine very well with no incident. Im not a diva! I need some TLC and some humans to love me~!
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