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Olivia Katter (FIV+)   

In shelter Cat

Hudson, MA, 01749
Pet name:
Olivia Katter (FIV+)
Domestic Short Hair
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I am Olivia, a quiet and content cat - the perfect cat for starting your day, ending your day, and of course all times in between. I am happy keeping to myself, observing, napping, or checking things out. I kind of like playing too! Approach me slowly and I will enjoy being petted and Ill purr for you. Im more of a near-you or next-to-you cat than a lap cat. However, I do take special pleasure in sleeping with my people at night.

And my guilty pleasure is that I love watching TV! Whats yours?
(Please say "cats!").

I am fine with other cats. My history with dogs or children is unknown; older respectful children should be fine.

I have a number of physical conditions, none of which bother me or get in the way of having a good life and good health!

> I am missing a front leg. My back legs are strong and I do perfectly well with three legs. I can jump onto high places and get down with no problem! I love to play with laser and stick toys -- and playing is also a great way to bond with me.
> I have no teeth so I eat wet food, but I like to graze on dry food.
> One eye has a little damage, but no followup is needed and I can see perfectly well.
> I am FIV+ and that is not a problem. FIV+ kitties can live long lives and can mix with FIV-negative cats safely.

That all said, I am quite healthy and sturdy! And if I might say so, perfect! At 5 years old, I have a long happy life ahead of me.

Need a little Olive..ia for your evening cocktail?
Kittens under six months must have a cat buddy.
Adoption fees are
$325 for kittens under a year, $600 per pair
$250 for cats 1-11 years, $175 for cats 12+ years

CaRMaH is an all volunteer, no-kill cat rescue group serving the Marlborough/Hudson MA area and beyond.


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