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Reggie and Veronica   

In shelter Cat

Leesburg, VA, 20175
Pet name:
Reggie and Veronica
Domestic Short Hair
Dilute Calico
Coat length:
Mewton’s Laws of Kittens

A kitten in motion stays in motion, especially when it comes to this silly sibling pair!

But there was a time when a kitten at rest, needed to stay at rest. You see, Veronica became very sick and required special injections to help her get well. Ever the protective brother, Reggie wouldn’t leave her side. He seemed to sense when she was having a bad day and would give her lots of love, grooming and comforting her on her bad days.

Now this bonded pair is happy and healthy and ready to find their furrever home together! At almost a year old they are absolutely inseparable. Reggie is our handsome gray tabby with white stockings and his best feline friend, Veronica, is a darling dilute calico.

After losing their kitten-hood to Veronica’s medical needs, they are making up for that lost time now. There is lots of playing, running around, exploring and cuddling. They are very affectionate, jump down from their tree perch looking for pets when their foster comes into the room. And they love to eat and go bananas for Churu treats. They are far too busy exploring the world to be held against their will, so they don’t exactly enjoy being picked up. As they spent much of their formative time in a quarantine of sorts, they are a bit on the shy side and loud noises make them nervous. But once they are comfortable in their new environment they love to explore. Veronica is the more curious and less shy of the two, but can be a bit indifferent when she’s busy. Reggie is a bit of a scaredy-cat – hell hide under his bed or a blanket at unexpected noises or changes – but once he’s comfortable, he is always, always, under foot looking for attention. Again, as they are very busy making up for that lost time, they are no lap cats quite yet. But they will cuddle into their foster when she sits on the floor with them. 

Veronica and Reggie can teach us a lot about finding new joy in the world. After all they went through, they are happy, loving kitties with sunny dispositions.

Their ideal adopter will understand their tough start and be patient while they build up their courage and confidence. For they will be initially afraid of strangers and change in environments, but food, toys, treats and patience will win them over. A noisy home with dogs and little kids wouldn’t be good for them. They would be purrfectly accepting of other cats.

They are spayed and neutered, microchipped, and up to date on their vaccinations. A generous guardian angel has offered to pay for one of their adoption fees so you will get two cats for the price of one!


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