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In shelter Cat

Orange, CA, 92866
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Tabby (Tiger Striped)
Coat length:
Introducing our 14 week old Adult Beverage kittens. They consist of four beautiful girls and four handsome Tabby boys. They are a lively group. Fun loving, energetic and playful. This is what their foster home has to say about them:

"They all play hard and sleep hard. They have good appetites and drink/use the litter box regularly. They love treats and toys. They absolutely LOVE the crinkle tunnel to chase each other in, and also basking in the sun on the cat tree. Chasing each others tails i another favorite pastime. I think they all will continue to be fabulous cats as they mature."

The Adult Beverage kittens all have wonderful temperaments. Very sweet and loving. They are well socialized and enjoy being with their humans. They have been fostered with another adult cat and they love him, so any of them could easily join a home with a resident cat or cat savvy dog. They can be adopted in a pair as they all get along great together, or they can be adopted out individually. Below are some more descriptions of each of them and what sets them apart from each other.

Stella - She is a sweet girl, very engaging and social. She loves to play with her siblings and is usually the one on the top of the afternoon kitten nap pile. She will be a wonderful addition to any family with her endearing demeanor.

Sierra - She is a little firecracker and everything we like about the Tortie breed. She is confident yet very sweet. She loves to play with all her siblings and has a blast with toys. She is the diplomatic one and will sometimes try to calm everyone down if play sessions get out of hand, putting everyone in their place. She is a great little kitten.

Blue - She is the quietest one of the group. She has a more passive personality. She just goes with the flow. She keeps up with all her siblings during playtime but she just as much enjoys naptime on her humans lap or on a soft blanket where she can sprawl out for some much needed rest. She could join any type of home and fit in beautifully.

Steel - He is the leader of the pack and the most outgoing. He is also the largest of the litter as well. He is a strong, confident boy with a very sweet natured side to him. He could easily join a home with another kitty or dog. He will charm anyone he meets and demand to be the center of attention in the home. He is a super little guy and is going to bring a lot of happiness to his new person or families life

Guinness -  is always the first to come and cuddle. Hes a total lover boy. He will greet you will purrs and loves to hang out on laps and shoulders. Heโ€™s definitely a lover and not a fighter, although he will try to keep up with brothers. He loves to play with crinkle balls and wand toys. Heโ€™d love a home with lots of snuggles!

Samuel - is the most curious of his brothers and definitely the leader. He loves to explore his space and especially loves vertical spaces like his cat tree. He will greet new guests and lead his brothers in playing or venturing to new areas. He also loves springy toys and is known to fall asleep in his fosterโ€™s arms when heโ€™s tired himself out. Such a sweetie pie! Hes a balance of the ideal cuddler/snuggler and playful adventurer!

Stone - is a brave beautiful tabby. He loves to run after springy toys and is always ready to play with his brothers or his people. He loves butt scratches and will come to your lap for attention. When heโ€™s not playing, you can find him in his carrier or pineapple house refueling for his next play time. He loves to find spots to curl up in for a snooze, whether it be a cozy blanket, bed, or his foster moms lap.

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Personality traits
Friendly, Affectionate, Loyal, Playful, Curious, Brave, Smart, Independent, Loves kisses, Funny


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