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In shelter Cat

Stockton, CA, 95212
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Coat length:
Meet Tigger! Tigger’s little life had a rough start. She was found in Stockton with three siblings and his feral momma. Eyes crusted over, and starving. The rescue rushed to pick them up, but one sibling had already disappeared. When given some wet food, the kittens were ravenous in their eating, some of the worst their rescuers had ever seen. Tigger is everything her name implies. Always looking for fun, she is bold and adventurous. She hasn’t met a toy she didn’t want to completely own. If another cat has that toy, oh well! It’s hers now. This girl most definitely needs another bold kitten or a young cat to wrestle with her. Tigger loved meeting foster mom’s 5 yr old cat, and respected boundaries, but he wasn’t playful enough for her. She is always up for pets and loving, and she will crawl all over you the moment you stand still long enough. She will be a lively addition to any home.

Tigger has two siblings available for adoption piglet and Pooh l! Tigger is more than ready to be your best friend forever. If you think Tigger would be a wonderful addition to your family, and you can provide her with a safe indoor only life, please submit an application on our website at 

All Second Chance Kitty cats are free-fed a quality dry food with low or no grain and are STRICTLY INDOOR ONLY. Studies have proven cats live longer, healthier lives and on average require less financial burdens at veterinary offices when they are kept indoor only. There are so many predators out there, both human and animal and it is sadly unsafe to let them roam unattended. 

All of our babes come altered, microchipped, vaccinated, rabies (if age appropriate), FeLV/FIV negative unless stated otherwise , dewormed, flea treated, litter box trained and full of love.  Our adoption fees are a minimum $150 donation.  Anything beyond $150 helps rescue another babe. 

Adoption isnt an impulsive decision, it must be thought out carefully. Owning a cat is a 15 to 20+ year commitment. Can we afford a cat? If were renting do they allow pets here? Is there a pet deposit? Can we afford the pet deposit? What if we get sick, what if the kitty becomes ill and has to see a veterinarian? Kitty requires routine check-ups, annual vaccines, quality food, litter and toys, can we afford this? These are all questions a responsible pet owner must ask themselves. If you can make this type of commitment please take a moment and visit our website at to submit an application.

Second Chance Kitty is a local non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to assisting cats, kittens and an occasional dog, escape a life of abandonment, abuse and neglect.
Second Chance Kitty


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