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Sophia Merlo 1017   

In shelter Cat

Warren, MI, 48092
Pet name:
Sophia Merlo 1017
Domestic Short Hair
Coat length:
Sophia~born~October 2017

     My name is Sophia, and I’m still looking for my furever home. I came to be with my foster family two years ago when I was rescued from a house that had 90 other cats in it. I was very scared of people, and other animals, but since being at my foster home, I’ve improved tremendously!
     I used to hide all the time. I didn’t want anyone to see me for fear of what might happen. My foster mom has been patient with me, and now I am begging for attention every day! I am still somewhat shy, but I run around and play all day. I love to be petted and talked to. I will jump down from my spot on the cat tree if someone comes and sits in the living room because I know I’m about to get all the attention once they sit down. I will head butt them if they stop petting me and I feel like I haven’t quite received enough love yet. 
     Once I’m content with the amount of attention, I’ll find a nice spot on the couch to either curl up with them, or near them. I don’t sit on their laps very often, or for very long, because they can’t sit still long enough. I’ve just started exploring their laps and, while it is very cozy, I’m still a little hesitant about it.
     When I’m not begging for their attention, I am playing. I still have a lot of kitten energy and will use pretty much anything as a toy. Dust ball under the beds, my new toy. Twist tie fell in the floor, favorite new toy. Play time is great! And let’s not forget the treats! I love treats!!
     When thinking of my furever home, I envision a home where I can reign as queen of the house with no other animals. I get along with other cats sometimes, but most times I get scared and will hide from them. I’m still learning how to interact with my foster friends here. Most days I will play by myself.  My foster family has kids who understand my needs. While I’ve never tried to bite them, they know that I’m a little skittish sometimes and they let me come to them when I’m ready. If you have kids, it would be best if they were a little older so they understand they shouldn’t try to pick me up or scare me. 
     I also do not like to be picked up, so please do not try. I am still not comfortable with that yet. My foster mom has found other ways to get me to do her bidding without having to manhandle me. I would never hurt someone intentionally, but things happen when I get really scared!
     So, if you think you’d like a companion who will come to you when I’m ready, instead of when you would like me to, we could be a good fit. I just need to know you’re there and ready for me when I get comfortable. I would like a home that doesn’t try to push me too fast; it may take a little bit for me to become used to you and my new surroundings. 

The adoption fee includes age-appropriate vaccinations, FELUK/FIV combo test, spay/neuter, and microchip!  
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