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6034 Annabelle   

In shelter Dog

Springfield, MO, 65810
Pet name:
6034 Annabelle
Golden Retriever
Yellow / Tan / Blond / Fawn

My name is Annabelle as you can see. I have spent my life in a kennel and I am finally done with that so I get to learn how to be dog. My foster mom is awesome at helping me with that...See what she says about me!!

This is Annabelle. Shes a 6 year old Golden retriever breeder release, so shes still learning how to be a dog. 
She was shaved by the breeder so yes she really is a Golden and not a yellow Lab like it looks.
Shes a sweet girl. Ive had her about a month and shes gotten comfier, but shes lived in a puppy mill all of her life, and doesnt know what anything is. 
She likes watching TV, and when my roommate is home, shes in his room laying under his desk while hes on his computer. She still isnt brave enough to go out the front door with a harness on, but she will go out the back door, eventually, if I leave it open and go out myself. 
Shes been sleeping in my roommates room with him and the other dogs, and she uses the dog door in there to go out to potty.
Shes excited in the morning after not seeing me all night. Then she finds somewhere to lay down. She wont get on the couch by herself but my roommates bed has a step and thats lower to the ground and she gets up there with him.
She gets along with my dog thats about her size, and my little dogs. 
I think a quiet home where shes allowed her space, but with someone whos around a lot would be best for her. Itll take some time, but she will be a whole dog if someone is dedicated, patient, compassionate, and understanding enough to show her its okay, she is safe, and she is loved. 
****this bio is about 3 weeks old. She has come so far since it was written. Feel free to ask any questions.

If you would like to meet Annabelle, please fill out the application below (copy and paste to your browser) and we will get back with you as soon as we can.

Adoption fee pays for all vetting...spay surgery and dental if needed (scheduled but not done yet at the time of this listing), a heart worm test, all vaccinations, deworming, flea prevention, a microchip and a wellness exam


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