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In shelter Dog

Garland, TX, 75043
Pet name:
Great Pyrenees
You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.Meet Lola! This happy girl was born around October 2020, and she is at her max weight of 85 pounds. Wisdom Panel confirmed that she is 100% Great Pyrenees.

Lola loves people. She is an absolute cuddle bug! She likes to snuggle her nose into your neck and chest. She wants to be as close to you as possible on the couch. Shell be on your lap if you allow it. Because of her strong Pyr paw, we recommend that she not live with toddlers or younger.

She cutely hops when shes excited, and she sometimes makes funny noises to get your attention.

Lola loves playing with dogs and with toys. She adores being outside in her backyard. She is very active and would do well with lots of exercise such as walking or running.

She likes every dog she meets, and she needs a doggy playmate in her forever home. A mid-size to large dog is probably best. If youd like to also adopt her best doggy friend in the whole wide world, adopt Trouper from us, too!

Lola is great with puppies; she plays gently with them and lets them climb all over her. She is curious and playful with cats.

Before coming into rescue, Lola was hit by car. She suffered a broken leg and pelvis. Due to her subsequent surgeries, she needs to stay lean. She needs to stay on glucosamine and fish oil supplements for her joints.

Sometimes her hip can get tweaked and she wont put weight on it for a day or so. When that occurs, a Rimadyl tablet will relieve her pain and inflammation, and shes back to normal the next day.

When you see her running or playing, you wouldnt know she had surgeries in the past. They dont slow her down whatsoever. But adopters need to be cautious with large playmates; sometimes her hip can get tweaked and she wont put weight on it for a day or so. When that occurs, a Rimadyl tablet will relieve her pain and inflammation, and shes back to normal the next day.

Lola is fully house trained. She needs practice to remember her impeccable leash manners. She is crate trained, but has no need to be crated.

When outside, Lola loves sounding her loud, deep bark a lot.

When riding in a car, she barks when triggered by people, dogs, trucks, and so on. For longer rides, she lays down and is calm.

She does fine with the 5-foot wrought iron fence around the yard at her foster home.

SPIN Pyrs are all in foster homes in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Potential adopters are asked to make travel arrangements if they live elsewhere. All SPIN dogs are spayed or neutered, current on vaccinations and on heartworm prevention. Please go to our website and fill out an application for this great Great Pyrenees!


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