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Clover & Duke   

In shelter Small or Furry

Baton Rouge, LA, 70816
Pet name:
Clover & Duke
Guinea Pig
If interested in adoption:

1. Read the complete profile below.

2. Contact us by completing an adoption application first. We will contact you once we have reviewed your application. We are a 100% volunteer run organization and your patience is appreciated.

Surrendered: 03/05/2022 - By: Petsmart

Most adoptions take place in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and require traveling to us. Some pair adoptions can take place in the Lafayette area.

Our guinea pig adoption events are typically held every other Sunday (check our calendar on our website) from 1:00 to 4:00 pm at Companion Animal Alliance (CAA) shelter located at 2550 Gourrier Ave, Baton Rouge, LA 70820. We are a foster home based organization who uses a room at the shelter to meet with the public. Our animals are not housed at CAA.

Adoption Fees:

$30 for a single unaltered guinea pig

$35 for a single neutered male

$50 for a pair

$70 for a trio

We have a two pig policy. We will not allow the adoption of a single pig to be a single pet.

Not all of our male guinea pigs are neutered, but can be done for an additional cost. We typically do not spay females unless there is a medical need.

Guinea pigs listed as two or three names are established pairs or trios and separation is not available unless indicated in the description.

Guinea pigs with hold by their name are not currently available for adoption due to a medical reason but will eventually be ready.

Guinea pigs with pending by their names are pending adoption but the adoption has not been finalized yet or they are on a trial run with an adopter.

Guinea pigs with sanctuary by their names mean we are expecting for these pigs to remain in our care until their passing due to a variety of reasons but can be adopted to the right home or situation.

Age listings: Baby 0-6 months, Young 6-12 months, Adult 1-5 years, Senior 5+ years.

Please check out our website for an adoption application as well as the adoption process. All adoptions and communications begin with the application. It helps us to assess where you are at in the process of finding a pet right for you and/or your family. Our goal is not to judge but to educate and determine if guinea pigs are the right fit for you.

For great guinea pig info, check out:

The cage is the most important part of your pigs environment so the roomier the better. Diet should be 80% high quality Timothy Hay (or Orchard Grass) and 20% high quality pellets/fresh veggies as well as fresh water daily. Our pigs are fed Oxbow products. Guinea pigs are a social, herd animal and are healthier and happier in pairs or trios.

Allergies to hay are typically the number one reason guinea pigs do not work out in households. Prior to adoption, please get some Timothy Hay or Orchard Grass (people tend to be more allergic to Timothy hay) and "play" with it inside of your home. No one in a household can escape hay dust if intolerably allergic.

MHRR offers a trial run program. We will provide everything needed to care for guinea pigs for a reasonable amount of time for you to see if this is the right pet for your family. Mention interest on application.

MHRR offers to assist in building a 4x2 C&C (size is 28"x 56") cage. We can tell you what grids to buy and sell you a precut and folded coroplast insert. Mention interest on application.


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