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In shelter Dog

Clinton, ME, 04927
Pet name:

Greta is a sweet, 2-year-old, 43 lb female husky who was saved from an overcrowded shelter by our rescue partners in Florida.  

When rescued, Gretas coat was in terrible shape.  Her adoptive family should consider feeding Greta a high-quality diet (grain-free recommended) and may wish to give her skin supplements in her food (ground flax seed or fish oil are examples.)

A note about Greta from our picture-taking volunteer:

" She was instantly friendly, jumping in my lap and giving me kisses. She is treat motivated, and as you can see from the photos, was very easy to photograph and made great eye contact."

Due to her breed,Greta needs a securely fenced in yard in her new home and should be walked on leash.  

As you can see, she considers herself a lap dog and would love a home where she has lots of indoor cuddle time with her humans!

Here is what our rescue partners sent to us about Greta:

“Greta is super loving and enjoys cuddles. She is a petite husky girl with stunning eyes! Greta was just spayed at the vet and was treated for some skin irritation as her previous home did not care for her coat well at all.”

>> Dogs:  We have no information regarding Greta’s feelings about other dogs.  Please bring any resident dogs to the shelter for a meet and greet as part of the adoption process.

>> Cats: We have no information on how Greta reacts to cats.   As a result, a cat free home, or one that can initially **separate** cat from dog to do slow on-leash introductions, is required.

>> Children: Due to lack of known history, we have no information on how Greta gets along with children. Please bring all resident family members to the shelter to meet Greta.

Greta is spayed and up to date on vaccines.  She tested negative for Heartworm and is on monthly prevention.


IMPORTANT As a “southern” dog and due to the high rate of heartworm infection in the warmer climates, it is critical that Greta be kept on monthly heartworm prevention ALL YEAR LONG not just in the summer months. It takes 6 months for heartworm larva to turn into adult worms that then are visible on a heartworm test. 

Monthly prevention will kill any larva. Adoptive parents must commit to this prevention schedule as well as heartworm testing every 6 months for the first year and annually after that.

Heartworm prevention costs about $120 a year. 

Compare that to treating a dog for heartworm (a deadly disease) an expense of thousands of dollars for a treatment that is dangerous and difficult for the dog.


>> Please complete and return our adoption application to prior to arranging a meeting between your family and dog of interest. Link to application below.

>> Copy & paste into the body of an email, or WORD/text document to complete.


>> AFTER the application has been received AND you hear back from Charley’s volunteer, Gabi. Please schedule a time to visit the shelter to meet the dog of interest. 207-426-9482.


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