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In shelter Dog

Grand Forks, ND, 58203
Pet name:
Yellow / Tan / Blond / Fawn
Coat length:
Thank you for your interest in me!  I want to make sure that it is clear, I am feral.  I was caught in a live trap.  I have only been in rescue for a little over 6 weeks and have a long way to go.  I still can not go outside but I’m amazing with pee pads.  

I have only let my foster parents pet me and still it is on my terms most of the time.  My foster mom is unable to get a collar on me because two hands near my face still scares me and I back away when I’m uncomfortable.  I retreat to my kennel when I’m unsure of the situation.  My kennel is my safe zone.  I am kenneled while my foster parents are gone at work and do great for up to 4-6 hours.  

I have made progress but I have a long way to go.  I know my name.  I do not know commands, obedience, and I’m learning English.  I have not been around children.  I try to play with the cats but they just run from me.  I love treats!  I love chew toys!  I love the occasional shoe.  I’m beginning to want my belly rubs but it’s only when I’m higher up then my foster mom.  I am still learning to trust her when she introduces new things to me.  

It takes me a day to warm up to a dog but once I do, I’m inseparable and follow them everywhere.  I would do best with another dog in the home to feel comfort and to keep learning.  I am food motivated! 

I am very excited to find the prefect forever home however I have needs.  I need a 6 ft fence so I can not jump it.  I would do best with another dog or dogs.  It helps me adjust and feel more comfortable.    I need an experience dog owner who will continue to work with me.  Please only serious inquires only.  

My name is Valora! My names origin is Latin meaning brave, courageous and in Spanish means flower!

My journey hasn’t been easy.  I am feral and I was caught in a live trap.  This, along with new people and environment, has been very stressful - but I am warming up to my foster family and other dog-friends.

The last 3 weeks have been full of new experiences.  At the beginning of the week, I went to the vet to get spayed.  I was not a fan and was very stress due to the new environment, smells, and people.  The veterinarians did a great job!  I was mad at my foster mom and it took a day for me to feel normal again so I hid in my kennel where I felt safe.  The next day, I was back to my routine and hanging with my foster siblings.  My foster mom gave me the space and encouragement I needed to trust her again.  

I have a routine down and I love bed time!  I dart into the room to claim my spot on the dog bed.  I share the dog bed with my foster siblings because I feel safe snuggled up to them.  Occasionally, in the middle of the night, I get on the human bed and lick my foster’s mom face. 

I bolt out of the room in the morning with my foster siblings.  They go outside and I go to the pee pad to go to the bathroom.  My foster mom thinks I will be outside soon but I need a collar on first.  I get so excited for food time that my tail doesn’t stop wagging!

Another JHAR dog, named Dixie, came to stay with us and I was unsure about her for the first day.  After some time and watching her from my safe place, my kennel, I got more comfortable with her movements and decided to meet her.  By the end of her visit we were inseparable.  We played and chewed on toys together.  

With everything my foster mom has done in the last three weeks and  giving me time and space to adjust,  I have gained her trust.  I was unsure at first but allowed her to give me scratches.  It’s been two days and I think I’m in love with scratches!!!  I have only let her scratch me standing.  I’m getting there and hopefully soon I will be ready for my forever home.  I can’t wait to get a lifetime of belly rubs!  

I am adoptable to the right environment.  I need someone who can keep building my trust and confidence up.  Someone who has time and patience to continue working with me and teaching me the house life.  I am eager to learn!  A fenced in yard is a requirement.  

Age: Estimated DOB 10/22/19.
Gender: Female, spayed
Breed(s): Husky mix
Dog friendly: yes
Cat friendly: yes
Adoption fee: $250 plus tax


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