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In shelter Dog

Philadelphia, PA, 19115
Pet name:
White / Cream
Coat length:
Meet Reena
When her mama was first spotted by a member of our rescue team, she was heavily pregnant with the quintuplet, underfed, and unsheltered on a hot summer day. Neither clean water nor proper food was to be found, and it was clear that the mama dog had been in such a poor condition for a long period of time. When the rescue team learned that the mama was pregnant, they had to move fast as it wasnt the place for her to give birth, and it was the only way to save her pups. It took weeks to persuade the owners to surrender the mama. With the persistent effort of the team, the mama and her pups were saved, Rina was one of her babies.

Reena is a sweet natured 10 months old girl with playful spirit. She is friendly to people, maybe just a bit more shy around new people at first but she will warm up quickly and once she feels secure, she will seek for affection.

She does good with other dogs. She would approach them with great interest. She hasn’t been tested with cats and human kids though. Neither aggressive behaviors nor food/resources guarding is noted.

Reena is not a barker but give the fact that she is still very young, she barks when she wants something or there is something she is curious about. She loves to eat and play with toys. At night, currently she sleeps with her family in the room.

She is crate trained and pee-pad trained for inside as well as potty trained for outside. Separation anxiety is not noted. She is little careful when she walks on a leash but she is getting better everyday. Considering the lack of experience, she is pretty well mannered on a leash.

This smart girl responds to her name and also mastered many basic commands in Korean. She rides pretty well in a car but she could drool a bit out of nervousness.

*Ideal family:
-Given that Reena is still puppy, were hoping that she finds a family who is willing to provide her an ample amount of attention and regular exercise. Also, the family who understands the world of puppy would be an ideal.
-The family who can patiently wait while she is adjusting to the new environments is must
-She would do great at a single house with a fenced yard.

*Medical Note: Negative on Giardia, Parvo, and Heartworm. No other medical conditions are noted.

Reena is available for meet and greet in Warminster, PA.

If you like this girl, feel free to fill out our adoption application:


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