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Lincoln County / Lizbeth   

In shelter Dog

Broomfield, CO, 80020
Pet name:
Lincoln County / Lizbeth
Labrador Retriever
Lizzy is a great easy loving dog. No puppy stuff! Completely house-trained. She does not bark at people or other dogs. She loves to lay her head on your lap or put her paws on you. She will give you a hug if you want her to and lay her head on your chest. She is good on a leash - she will run or walk with you but she may find things to sniff along the way. We have been teaching her "off" so she does not crowd my dog and become territorial on the sofa or bed. She now lays down next to us. If she wants me to get up she might put her paws on the bed. I might tell her to "go lay down" which she does. She has had at least one litter but is now spayed. So far she is good with my 10.5 year old lab, but Im not sure about playful pups or cats. She is happy to be around people enjoys attention. No food agression. She is all-around calm and easy-going. 

Lizzy just needs a little training on "come" but if I ask her if she wants a treat - she comes inside. 

She is good on a leash no pulling - she likes to sniff and explore.

She knows sit!. She seems to be very smart.

She is not a fan of balls or toys at the moment! She just explores her surroundings and is very curious about everything. Ive seen her become more playful and she like to chase squirrels. 

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