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In shelter Dog

San Francisco, CA, 94121
Pet name:
Labrador Retriever
Coat length:
Meet Mellow Audrey
Audrey, spayed female, 7 years, 62 lbs.

Hello everyone, my name is Audrey. You see, I used to have a home. But one day when my master took me out to play, as usual, he stopped the car at the side to let me off. At once I thought he worried that I needed to go potty because it was a long journey. Without a second thought, I got off the car to find a spot to do my nature call. All of sudden, the car door closed…. And my master took off. I was so panicking when I saw the car driving away, I chased after the car and barked loud to alert my master that I was not getting into the vehicle yet. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I tried to call him and go after him, he did not stop the car. And it finally vanished from my sight. That was a new place I have never visited. There were so many cars passing by me. I was so scared and stunned. When I was still in overwhelming anxiety trying to figure out what has been going on, a lady on a bicycle came slowly toward me. She got off the bicycle and walked to me with some food in her hand to ease my worry. At that moment, she was like an Angel to save my desperation. Since I was at a loss, when the lady planned to leave, I followed her. Maybe it was my friendliness and loss, she did not drive me away and let me follow her. A few hours later, an AHAN volunteer came to see me. He was very friendly. He gave me some treats and told me that he would look after me and that I did not need to worry. This is my rescue story. 

Under AHAN’s help, I found a loving home in Bay Area in March 2022. I love my mommy very much and like to follow her everywhere. However, I am hesitant to encounter my human brother. In considering giving me a happy life, my current human mother wishes I could find a home to live a quality life. I am a good girl. I learned to sit waiting for food until I am allowed to take it. I can sleep overnight in my own bed or a crate overnight. Every morning when I wake up, I am very excited to see my family say ‘morning’. 
I like to drink water and prefer to take it in a bowl. I enjoy walking out on the street daily. I also learned to go in and out of a doggie door to do potty or take a nap on the soft mown in the backyard without bothering anyone. I love treats and am not a picky eater. I bark rarely but will woof to alert my family if someone is coming in the backyard. 
I enjoy playing with doggie friends but do not like cats. In comparison to getting crazy playing with other dogs, I like to cuddle with humans more especially enjoy my head and ears scratched. 

My name is Audrey. I was abandoned but rescued by AHAN. I am very mellow and like humans more than dogs. I am well-behaved, gentle and loving. If you would like to have a cuddly and loyal companion, I would be the best pal for you to consider. Please visit to view more of “Audrey’s” videos, and click “APPLY” to fill out the online application. I am here waiting for my destined family to come to take me home.

The dog is:  Submissive and loyal. 
Energy level:  Medium energy. 
The dog is:  Gentle and cuddly.
Is the dog friendly with:  People _Y_,  Children _Y_,  Dogs _Y_,  Cats _No  
Is the dog good and patient with young children?  Age over 12 years.
Is the dog housetrained?  Yes, at backyard or outdoors.  
Is the dog food motivated?   Yes.
Does the dog get along well with other dogs at home? _Selected_, In public place?  Y 
Does the dog bark continuously when left alone?  No, barks for warning sometimes. 
Does the dog chew?  No.
Does the dog get along well with cats?  No.
Does the dog walk well on leash?  Yes.
Does the dog ride well in car?  Yes.
Does the dog have food aggression to other dogs?  No, but prefers to eat alone quietly.
Does the dog have food aggression to people?  No.
Can people touch the food in the bowl while the dog is eating?  Yes
Is the dog afraid of man? No.
Has the dog ever bitten anyone?  No 
Does the dog have up to date vaccines and rabies shot?  Yes
Is the dog microchipped?  Yes
Is there any part of the body the dog doesn’t like to be touched?  No.
How is the dog with new environment?  Food motivated, takes about 3-4 days.
Does the dog know any command?  Wait before getting food.
Is there anything the dog doesn’t like or afraid of?  Human’s rough gestures.
Are there any red flags we should know?  Prefer a single-dog family.

** Please visit to view more “Audrey’s” videos, click “APPLY” to fill out online application. That will help us to process your application efficiently.


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