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In shelter Dog

Las Vegas, NV, 89144
Pet name:
White / Cream
Elsa is a sweet 12 yr old 12 lb bundle of fluff, who spent her early years locked in a large play yard with a couple of large dogs. She comes with her own opinions.  She requires your attention and is very vocal asking for it.  Elsa is a bed-potato, mostly in her foster mom’s bed.  She will cuddle for short periods, but only when she wants to.   Due to her living outdoors all her life she has separation anxiety, and wants the love and attention she never received. 
Elsa loves women and wants their attention.  However, she can be shy and stand-offish with men.  She will approach if they’re sitting down.   
Best home would be with a retired women that is home most of the time and doesn’t mind a sleeping companion.   Elsa learned quickly how to use the stairs to get on the bed.  We wish she did that well with housebreaking.   Accidents happen.    
Elsa is ok with other small dogs, but will push them aside in an attempt to get all the attention. Being an only dog would be best for her.  She has a few favorite toys that she’s protective of, and will snap and bite if another dog comes near.    Elsa doesn’t play with toys, she just takes her favorites out of the basket and places them in her human’s bed, or all over the living room floor.
Elsa walks well on a leash, and thinks every female we pass has to stop and pet her. She’s getting better with short car rides, but she’s not fond of the car.  Crating or using a pen is not for her, as she trys to bite through several bars.   Luckily she is not destructive, so no reason to pen her up for anything.  
Elsa is up to date on vaccines, spayed, micro-chipped and recently had an extensive dental.   Elsa only has 11 teeth as 14 were extracted. It’s imperative that Elsa has another dental in October as there are still issues with some remaining teeth requiring more dental work.   
 Elsa is a sweet dog deserving unconditional love, understanding and to be spoiled.  She deserves the best.  She just wants love.
IF you know someone who might be interested in adopting Elsa, please tell them NOT to fill out a Petfinder questionnaire.  We only respond to people who apply using the application form at American Maltese Association Rescue (


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