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In shelter Dog

Calgary, AB, T2Y 4V1
Pet name:
Mixed Breed
The darling dog posted is a pet rescued by Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue.

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Name: Dhabia –means “Dear" in Arabic, because Dhabia is such a dear sweet girl.

Breed: Desert dog mix 

Age: Between 1 to 1.5 year

History:  Found as an abandoned dog in Saudi Arabia, rescued and looked after by by a vet technician in Saudi Arabia. Lived at vet clinic for a year being trained and walked by a kind, compassionate vet clinic that loved Dhabia and Dhabia loved.   Her caretaker made a darling video of them together if you’d like to see it, just ask us. We are posting it also on our FB page. She was much younger when found homeless, however, no one was looking or wanted to adopt dogs so Dhabia was chosen to fly to Canada, only a couple got to go before the Government ban not allowing International dogs in any longer.   This is devastating to the people who save dogs but she is very fortunate and deserving. 

Personality: Dhabia is a sensitive sweet  adorable girl.  We have learned she likes to please, enjoys being with people, and playful with other dogs. Well socialized. A pretty girl with sweet temperament. She has learned good behaviour from her caretaker at the vet clinic where Dhabia has been living for almost a year with no one to adopt her.  There are few adoptions in Saudi Arabia from dogs that had been on the streets or desert.

Temperament:  Dhabia gets along with everyone and all dogs.  Her photo here isn’t the best since she looks so shy, although she is very loving and adorable.  We have a few great video’s if you would like to see just email us!  Dhabia is spunky, playful, loving, outgoing, sensitive, and a good listener.

How is the  dog with small dogs: very friendly to all dogs 

How is the dog with cats: Has only had minimal exposure, but likely fine with them.

How is the dog will children:  Do not know but likely, given her sweet personality, fine with children.

Favourite things: other dogs and humans for attention and companionship. Going for walks and runs.  Running!  Dog parks for sure! Hiking, biking, outdoor activities.  Being inside with people.

Best Match: Dog people who have another dog and  outdoor lifestyle since Dhabia enjoys running, playing, and of course with love hiking, dog parks, and adventures with her people.


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