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In shelter Dog

Richmond Hill, ON, L4C 6A1
Pet name:
Mixed Breed

Hera is a three-year-old female from Mexico who was found tied up inside a house with her puppies. She was starving, but that didn’t stop her from taking wonderful care of her pups (who are all safe, thanks to @thedoggoprojectmexico!). Now it’s time for Hera to settle in and enjoy the comfy, cozy life she so deserves! 

Since arriving in Canada, Hera has been working hard on her social skills! 

Hera is initially shy when she meets new humans but does warm up very quickly! Her approach is cautious, yet curious, and once she’s comfortable, she’s all about receiving pets and belly rubs. Her foster family describes her as an absolute cuddle bug who loves snuggling and showing her affection by giving endless licks! Hera doesn’t like to be too far from her humans and prefers to know where they are at all times. She’s started to show signs of separation anxiety, so her foster family is now crating her when she’s home alone. 

Other new experiences that Hera has enjoyed since moving north: going in the car (nervous at first but getting more comfortable); playing (a totally foreign concept that she’s now warming up to – even learning fetch, though she much prefers belly rubs); and treats (she found a treat in an unexpected spot and howled loudly with glee!). Hera is doing very well on the leash and is learning “heel” and “sit”. She has shown a huge interest in squirrels (dog status achieved!) and does want to chase them. Her recall has not been tested off-leash but she always comes running when you call her name inside. She’s currently walked up to four times per day (20-30 minutes, plus a longer walk in the evening). Given her low-medium energy level and love of couch snuggles, Hera would be a great candidate for condo-living. She only becomes vocal when she’s very happy. We believe she’d do well in a home with cats, given that she’s had a few promising interactions with felines so far. 

While with our partners in Mexico, she was living with two young dogs around her sized and then eventually housed with 20 dogs while waiting for her flight to Canada. While here, she has shown anxiety and nervousness around meeting new dogs both on- and off-leash, and would prefer to avoid new dogs than going to say hello. She does need her humans to advocate for her when she finds herself with dogs around her. In one instance, she bared her teeth and growled at a dog who got too close for comfort. Our girl is making great progress, however, and when given space and time, she does communicate a curiosity to meet new dogs. 

Even though she doesn’t do well meeting strange dogs, we believe she would do well in a home with another dog (after proper introductions and given plenty integration time). She was walking around her foster home looking lost and sad. We gave her a stuffed toy with a heartbeat and she now snuggles with it and carries it around like it’s her baby. 

Hera is potty-trained, crate-trained, microchipped, up-to-date with vaccines, and spayed. Her recent vet visit produced a solid bill of health, though it was noted that she is a bit underweight, so a good diet is necessary to get her back on track with her build. 

Our girl Hera has worked so hard to provide for herself and her puppies. She’s now ready to put the past behind her and share her sweet snuggly self with her furever family! 

SOCIABILITY: Adult humans 
ENERGY: Low-Medium 
QUIRKS: She enjoys laying down comfortably while eating! 
TRAINING NEEDS: Basic obedience; leash skills; confidence building 


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