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Delilah (Dulce)   

In shelter Dog

Arlee, MT, 59821
Pet name:
Delilah (Dulce)
Pit Bull Terrier
This here is Miss Delilah. She is a sweet girl who needs an even sweeter family. Delilah has had a hard life. She was brought from Texas where she was captured and listed as a stray. Her life as a stray has made her very timid, scared, and shy of most people, places, and noises. It takes her a while to feel comfortable and to warm up. Once she is comfortable, youll be able to see her goofy and cuddly side.

Delilah is a beautiful boxer pittie mix. Her fur is a reverse black brindle which is hard to capture as she looks just black and white. The sun brings out those pretty brown stripes. She gains more stripes the healthier and stronger she becomes. She looks forward to daily walks and will check in frequently.

Delilah doesnt care for toys, rough housing, or most play styles. She gets the zoomies where she likes to be chased for about 5 minutes and then she is exhausted! She will plop over to show off her belly for rubs and cuddles. Speaking of cuddles, she is a great cuddler and she loves to receive kisses!

Delilah would do best in a home with another dog. She is a monkey see, monkey do kind of dog as needs the extra reassurance. Large dogs intimidate her and she approaches with caution. She has an interest in small dogs and is much more relaxed around them. She hasnt been tested around cats, but is very interested in the ones she sees on her walks. She doesnt have the same excitement for cats as she does for rabbits and squirrels so she may do well in a home with cats. She hasnt had many interactions with kids but she tends to pull towards them when she hears them. Shes curious and wants to greet them.

Delilah is a gentle girl who needs a patient family who can build her confidence. She is an escape artist with a high amount of separation anxiety - shes terrified to be alone. She currently battles the separation anxiety by being in a heavy duty kennel with another dog in the same room as her. If she thinks shes alone she will panic and has hurt herself in a standard kennel when trying to escape. She has built up a TON of confidence since being in Montana, but she needs a home with lots of patience and love. In fact, her confidence has increased so much she recently made a trip to Home Depot. She walked confidently through the doors, let strangers pet her all over, and didnt panic at the loud noises! 

Delilah is a very sweet girl who would make a wonderful addition to the right family. Youll never have to worry about cold feet at night or having a solo movie night if you have this girl in your life!


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