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In shelter Dog

Irvington, AL, 36544
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
Yellow / Tan / Blond / Fawn
Woof! Woofwoof! Woooooooof! 

Oh, sorry, I forgot that humans are reading this, not other dogs! 

Hi! Im Mira. Thats pronounced like "Me-ear-ah/me-rah, which is pretty special because its short for "miracle! Ill tell you my story in a bit.

As you can see, I am a pittie mixed with something else because check.out.these.EARS!! The better to hear you with, my dear! *snickers* Im about 45 pounds right now, but I have a great person taking care of me and getting me to the size I should be, which is around 60 pounds. Im an adult dog; the vet thinks Im around 3 years old. My coat is short and sandy colored, so I shouldnt show any dirt. *snickers* Sorry for the dad jokes.

I am a gentle beefstick. *salivates* I may have a tough exterior, but Im a lover. I love people (big and small!), cats, dogs, you name it! Oh, wait. I dont love bearded dragons. The person who is taking care of me has some and OH.MY.DOG. those things are SCARY! Im not going to go into the embarrassing details of how I howled in fear when one got loose and threatened my life. I cant be too sure, but I think it had a weapon and was plotting my demise. 

Back to things I like! I get along really well with everything, even if theyre mean to me (except dragons). I dont like drama and will try to work my way into anythings heart (except dragons). Im really just here to please (except dragons).

So, you might be wondering why my name is short for "miracle. I was found by a couple of people who also dont have a home. I had been abandoned in a ditch with a massive vaginal prolapse (Google at your own risk)! They put aside their hardships and focused on getting me to a safe place, Petsmart! They must have known that the staff would stop at nothing to figure out how to get me better, and as luck would have it, some really nice customers saw what was going on and they made sure I got the care I needed.

I really hope all of those great humans know what a big role they played in saving my life!

So now I am ready for a new journey! I will make the best pet for someone, and hope that one of you will be the one!

-Mira is available for foster or adoption.
-We require applications from all interested families.
-Mira is microchipped, spayed, up to date on vaccinations, crate trained, kennel trained, house trained, AND leash trained!
-There is a $200 adoption fee.
-We are located near Mobile, AL.


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