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In shelter Dog

St. Paul, MN, 55128
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
Snapshot of Lilac!

Activity Level? I do great with daily exercise in a fenced back yard and a short walk each day. 
Noise Level? Have you noticed the size of my ears? Im pretty quiet unless I need to alert you to a noise I think is worth investigating! 
Good with Dogs? I will do best as an only dog, or with older, calm dogs.
Good with Cats? Im best in a home without cats!
Good with Kids? Adults only please. 
Good with Strangers? I need slow intros. I do well with most women but am slower to warm up to men. Its definitely possible though, as I love to snuggle and play with my foster dad!
Potty Trained? Im a pro!
Crate Trained? Im a pro!

Have you ever wondered what the canine-version of Tigger would look like? Look no further than Lilac!

Lilac (Lyle, as her foster family affectionally calls her) is one of the best-behaved, affectionate, playful, and Tigger-like dogs youll ever meet. We are a bit confused why Lilac is still in rescue but were hoping shell find her match very soon. Lilac is eager to find a quiet home she can call her own with a family who is as passionate about naps, snuggles, and games of fetch as she is.

Lilac is the canine representation of Tigger: shes bouncy, smiley, and always up for a nap on the couch or a snack. She is fearful around new people but warms up quickly and forms a heart-warming bond with anyone who will give her time to settle in.

She loves her current foster parents and enjoys working in the home office Monday through Friday. She is learning her role as a secretary, quietly lying by foster moms side and occasionally sneaking in view of the webcam for a snuggle or lick. Shes not the best at answering emails, but we keep her around anyways.

We dont say this often ... but inside her foster home Lilac is about as perfect a puppy as youll meet. Shes quiet and doesnt get into trouble when left unattended. She is potty-trained and crate-trained (she finds comfort in being crated near the resident dogs and has proven to do OK crated alone) and keeps herself occupied with toys and bones. While Lilac isnt a large dog - she weighs about 35 pounds - she often tries to convince her foster parents that shes a Yorkie by crawling up on your lap and falling asleep to your favorite Netflix show.

Lilac is an athletic dog and enjoys exercise. Shell run laps in her fenced yard and can jump quite high so shell need a securely fenced yard. Lilac has a love affair with tennis balls (or, really, any type of ball) and will make fast friends with anyone who is up for a game of fetch. Shell carry her favorite tennis ball around everywhere with her (including taking it to bed). Lilac walks well on a leash and is very treat-motivated, which has helped her learn some new behaviors while in rescue. 

Lilac came into rescue with severe leash-reactivity. In her foster home, she has made great progress and can now effectively walk past new people and most other dogs without reacting. Lilacs forever home will need to be diligent in continuing this work. Without the adequate space and management, Lilac may react when on leash to new people and dogs. Her foster parents are committed to working closely with any interested adopters to ensure the compassionate training Lilac has received will transfer with her to a new environment. While Lilac can seem a bit intimidating at first, she has a heart of gold and is an absolute gem of a canine companion. Shell thrive in a quiet home and neighborhood where she can avoid the stress of frequently encountering new people and dogs. She warms up faster to women than men, but after a few weeks of taking things slow she has determined that her foster dad is just as worthy of snuggles and kisses and has no issues sharing her toys with him (yes, even the tennis ball).

Though Lilac will do best as an only dog in the home, she currently lives with two older dogs and does excellent with both. She has taken a special liking to her 15-year-old, blind, foster brother. In addition to fitting in to the resident canine retirement home where she is being fostered, she also does well in doggie daycare. As a result, its possible that Lilac can be adopted to a home with a resident dog. An ideal forever family will be patient and open to taking things slow with Lilac and any resident dogs, as it may take time for her to adjust to a new canine playmate.

Lilac has been responsive to positive reinforcement training and has made great progress these last few months in foster care. It takes time for her to warm up to new situations, but when given the chance she will absolutely steal your heart. Its time for Lilac to find a family of her own. Could you be the perfect match for this sweet girl?

In the words of her role-model Tigger: "the most wonderful thing about Lilacs is Im the only one!

Adoption Fee: $350*
*My adoption fee is discounted so my forever family can continue with my anxiety medications while I settle into my forever home, and can commit to training classes with me!

Training Requirement: Obedience Level 1 

*Foster to Adopt* - Im listed as Foster to Adopt so my forever family has time to work with TCPR as I settle in with you, learn about my anxieties and medications, and help provide tips and tricks to help me feel comfortable!

MEET ME/ADOPT ME: If youd like to arrange a meeting or begin the adoption process, please fill out an adoption application by visiting or clicking "adopt me!. A volunteer from Twin Cities Pet Rescue will contact you within 3 business days.

FOSTER HOMES NEEDED!!! Twin Cities Pet Rescue is a volunteer-run, foster home-based organization. We can only rescue as many animals as available foster homes. Please consider saving the life of an animal in need and become a volunteer foster home today. To become a foster, fill out a dog or cat foster application on the Twin Cities Pet Rescue website: . There is little to no cost to foster an animal. Twin Cities Pet Rescue provides its foster families with food, supplies, and veterinary care for its animals. All you need to do is supply the love!

PLEASE NOTE: Twin Cities Pet Rescue does not adopt to homes further than 60 miles from the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro Area.
Twin Cities Pet Rescue (612) 555-5555


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