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In shelter Dog

Tucson, AZ, 85745
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier
If you got in on that whole Pokemon craze a few years ago, then you know all about Vulpix. And if you didnt get in on that whole thing, good for you for resisting! According to the shockingly extensive Bulbapedia page dedicated to this little critter, Vulpix is a small canine Pokemon with a red-brown pelt. Well, our Vulpix is also a canine with a red- brown pelt, but thats about where the similarities end. Our Vulpix is not nearly as elusive- in fact, shes downright eager to get caught and taken to a loving home! Vulpix is one of our longer stay pups, and this bouncy, energetic girl is really hoping that she wont have to be in the shelter much longer! Heres what some of her volunteer friends have to say about her: This girl is so fun and funny! Shes definitely looking for an active home and a family who loves to play. I love to watch Vulpix play with her kennelmate in the yard- they have a blast! She runs fast-as-lightning zoomies around the yard and dives into the doggy pool where she splashes around. Shes always happy, bouncy, and very affectionate. She loves to climb in your lap for a snuggle, then shes off again! Vulpix will make a really fun companion for an active, on- the- go family! I find Vulpix to be a sweet and fun dog to be with. She loves to play fetch while taking breaks to come give kisses. We do this for 10 minutes or so and then she is ready for a walk. I always ask her to sit and she takes her treats gently. I also took her for a car ride and she was an excellent passenger. She sat next to the window which was rolled down and just enjoyed the fresh air blowing on her face and looking at the scenery. Vulpix came to PACC as a stray with a mysterious past, so in her months in the shelter weve been getting to know and love her. As happy and upbeat as she is, the shelter isnt an easy place for an active, energetic, and athletic young dog. Vulpix would love a yard of her own where she can run zoomies around her family! Vulpix has almost always had kennelmates and has done great with them. Shes definitely a rough and tumble kind of girl, so needs to meet any resident dogs before heading home to make sure theyll be good playmates. In her most recent behavioral evaluation, Vulpix was super playful and social. If you have an active life and need a companion who can keep up, ask to meet Vulpix today!!
Pima Animal Care Center (520) 724-5900


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