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Irena, Winnie & Pango   

In shelter Small or Furry

Burnaby, BC, V3N 2B9
Pet name:
Irena, Winnie & Pango
Irena, Winnie and Pango are ladies who love to be active.  These girls are currently living the life on Vancouver Island where both the love and the cheerios are plentiful, which is unlike they hard life they began with.  They LOVE cheerios.   

Pango is gorgeous with her all black fur can be a little shy and may need encouragement to play.  Irena loves to flout her beauty spot on her head which complements her Agouti Berkshire coloring.   She gently takes treats from your hand and is quite curious.  Winnie sometimes forgets her manners, especially if startled.  She likes being sung to and hanging out with her sisters.  

All three girls are mostly litter trained and can easily get into routines, especially when treats are involved.  They also enjoy partaking of unsweetened oat milk, noodles and flax seeds but are more than happy to eat their vegetables too!    

If you, as experienced rat owner, would like to help these girls live their best lives you can view our adoption policies and download the application form at or email
Small Animal Rescue Society of BC


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