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In shelter Dog

Williston, ND, 58801
Pet name:
Tricolor (Brown, Black, & White)
Excerpt from Website:

  *** Rescue Operations for Animals of the Reservation  (ROAR)  - Many residents living on reservations face extreme poverty. The animals are not always a priority when it comes to food, shelter and healthcare.  On the Navajo Nation alone, the problems created from over-population of stray animals are IMMENSE. One estimate cites at least 1,500 stray dogs roaming the Navajo Nation alone. One cites 4 times that many dogs and hundreds of cats. The Navajo Nation alone shelters and eventually euthanizes about 8,000 dogs a year. About only 400 are adopted from shelters. Our goals are to support Reservation programs that spay/neuter/vaccinates animals on the Reservations, educate the community on proper care of animals and assist animals by providing supplies that let animal groups care for more animals. In 2010 we supported spay/neuter clinics and provided veterinary programs with thousands of pounds of food and other other items necessary to reduce animal health risk and related risk to humans.

  ***  Please link the Website to your own and to your signature line?!   *  http://www.   *   (connect the www.  to the website name) THANK YOU and bless your heart. May the year bring you much happiness, success and prosperity in all of your endeavors!

 (Picture above IS OF AN EXAMPLE of how some real N.A. Indigenous Camp Dogs WOULD APPEAR LIKE. 

They differ in every way but are of about medium to large size, color, markings and coat lengths varying. Erect, half or lazy ears.Very sweet dogs however very independent as well. SIMILAR appearance could be that of the ENGLISH SHEPHERD.  In the distant past now they would breed with the roaming wolves. Just as the Arctic dogs  -Sibes, Alaska, Canada and Greenlandic sledge dogs would. In some areas still do!)      

~~~~~~~~~~~    -----P.S.  -dear pet lovers out there; a deeply sincere REQUEST: IF you would happen to know/see a dog living outside, please please take it PERSONAL; IF it appears to not have ADEQUATE, proper and SURVIVABLE and/or live in a questionable living arrangement; Please REPORT it to your closest county animal control and humane society shelter and even make/let LAW ENFORCEMENT aware, if an officer happen to have a heart-of-gold for pets, he/she might help! :-/ . PLEASE let the dog/cat/pet be HEARD, at least. If you SEE or HEAR of one in need, rest assured; YOU WERE MEANT TO! Please HEED IT, you would surely SAVE A LIFE living in painful misery and HIGHLY possibly a short cut-off one!  May heaven count you one up! :-)  Happy SPRING one and all!  ...geez, AT LAST..huh?! :-))  .. WHAAT a winter we had..!!      
Guardian GSD Rescue, NW ND/MT 701-651-8477


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