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Honeycomb 6651   

In shelter Dog

Rogers, AR, 72758
Pet name:
Honeycomb 6651
Yellow Labrador Retriever
6-month-old Honeycomb’s bark park adventure started with the typical canine excitement and the thrill of frolicking in the open expanse that many of her friends had previously visited. Honeycomb sniffed and explored and was then given the opportunity to select a squeaky companion for the afternoon photo session. As she nosed through the boxful of possible friends she paused and pulled out the chosen one who was to be rewarded with lighting quick tours of the park and airborne flights of fancy. For a while, the wide-eyed skunk squeaky seemed to savor the escapade but then it appeared that Honeycomb may have overstepped her bounds of friendship as she unceremoniously flipped the squeaky skyward, who on the way back to earth, performed a twisting half-gainer that allowed him to expose his scented bottom in perfect position to teach Honeycomb an unforgettable lesson in the skunk rules of etiquette. Fortunately for Honeycomb, her squeaky friend, who actually enjoys his bark park assignment, decided to let this protocol violation pass without any form of reprisal. Honeycomb then carried skunk over into the shade and courteously provided him with the opportunity to enjoy a repast with another squeaky, the ever popular and as yet uneaten, sunny side up egg. Honeycomb is a just-glad-to-know-you pup who lives up to her name with friendly, good-natured energies instilled with just the right measure of sweetness.


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