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In shelter Dog

Drumbo, ON, N0J 1G0
Pet name:
Yorkshire Terrier
Brown / Chocolate
Coat length:

For Adoption: Calliope! 
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Hello potential forever family!! My name is Calliope, Callie for short, and although I’m not exactly one for words, I’m putting myself out there by writing you a letter to help you find me. Please read carefully, because I need to find just the right special people! 
I am a 2-year-old, 10lb Yorkie x Shih Tzu cross, and as I said, I don’t have much to say out loud. That said, I communicate my feelings very clearly with my big, brown eyes and fluffy, expressive tail. I have a perfect little under bite that makes my smile one-in-a-million, and I have 3 little white feet and white, fluffy tufts from chin to chest. Combined with the rest of my brindled fur; I have the best full-body bedhead you’ve ever seen. At just under a foot at the shoulder, I may sound like a sweet little package (and you’re right!), but don’t sell me short! I have a quiet little mischievous streak that will catch you off guard if you’re not watching carefully. 
I am sad to say that I’ve had a bit of a rough start to life. I was kept at a puppy mill from when I was very young until just a few months ago when I was rescued, and learning about the outside world has been a bit of a trip. When my foster parents heard my story, they were very eager to bring me home and introduce me to the cozy life of being a beloved pet. Even though I learn and improve very quickly, I am still very timid, especially around loud, sudden noises or movements. I also don’t like the feeling of being tugged or pulled and will do anything to avoid being grabbed suddenly. I still don’t always understand that people are here to help me, so I am very likely to bolt if given the opportunity. My Furever Family will understand that I will likely be a flight risk for the rest of my life, and take steps to keep me from running away and teach me good recall skills. A securely fenced yard would be a great start! Despite my unfortunate beginnings, I have clean bill of health and I’m ready to find a new family to give me all the gentle pets they can muster.
Though I am quiet and shy, I have a very colourful personality to share! I will likely find my voice one day, but in the meantime, I am a fast-trotting, ear-twitching, sniffing machine with a lot of curiosity about this new world around me. I’m smart as a whip and I learn very quickly, but true to my terrier background, I have a stubborn streak a mile wide. If given instructions, I will very carefully consider whether your request is what I want - not even the offer of treats will change my mind! If you’re offering, though, my favourite is roasted chicken. When being carried, I like to wrap my little paws around your arms and give you a tiny hug to make sure I am secure. The best part of my foster home is all the soft, cushiony surfaces. The first thing I will do when I get home from a walk is run straight to the couch or my fluffy dog bed, and you’ll be hard-pressed to convince me to move from my spot. I spend most of my day snoozing in my bed next to my Foster Mom while she works from home, and I have it on good authority that I make an excellent work buddy. Once I get used to you, I will shuffle my bum up next to you for pets and cuddles, and even offer my belly for rubs if I’m feeling generous. I’m no lazy dog though! I love my walks and enrichment activities like puzzle bowls and snuffle mats to keep my active mind challenged, and will pace around my bed if I’m not getting enough activity. I will, however, avoid tasks like going downstairs or hopping up on the couch if I think I can guilt you into doing it for me with my adorable puppy stare - I’m sneaky like that! I’m super excited to have fun toys and bully sticks, so I will often tuck them into my bed for safekeeping. My crate is okay, but my bed is my haven and safe place, so if you’re looking to adopt me, be sure to pick one with lots of soft, comfy fluff.
I’m a lady who knows what she wants, so let me tell you exactly what I need from My Furever Family. Though I am part Shih Tzu, my Yorkie side is a big part of my personality, so my ideal family will have some experience with terriers and their quirks. As I mentioned, loud noises and commotion can be stressful for me, so the best home will be relatively quiet so I can settle in comfortably. I will not enjoy living in a busy city center and need a quiet neighbourhood , town or rural area to feel comfortable in.  I currently live in an apartment, so I get lots of short walks throughout the day; but I would love to explore a secure yard instead and just go on one to two good walks a day to keep me active and engaged. Because meeting new people and hands can be scary for me, I am best suited for a home with adults only or one with teen children who are willing to go slowly and allow me time to get to know them. I promise to be a super-loving cuddle monster once I do! A dog sibling or two would also be okay, as long as they are similar in size to me, and very chill and polite so that I can have my own time and space. I have never met cats or other pets, but I do think chasing bunnies is great fun, so confident, dog-savvy cats may be okay, but smaller animals will not be the best housemates for me. As I bond with my new family, it will be very important for me to attend training classes that give me the opportunity to keep learning about being a pet. The best people for me will see me for my potential and not for my trauma, and will patiently work with me to help me become the best pup I can be. 
In terms of my manners and behaviour, I am a very well-mannered lady - as long as you are watching. I walk nicely on the leash as long as I am comfortable and allowed some sniff breaks, and will go quietly into my crate when asked (as long as it is conveniently located nearby). I will back away if I am approached by other dogs I am not sure of, but never lash out and will quietly endure some sniffs. I don’t bark or cry, though I may learn to one day, and I have only ever had one accident in the house. I also do not jump or bite, ever. Once I am comfortable, I do like treats but do not tend to beg. Make sure you keep your eyes on me though; I will take any opportunity to get my paws on a good snack. It wouldn’t be the first time the meat of a sandwich went mysteriously missing! I sleep nicely through the night, and can comfortably go five hours without being let out throughout the day. I eat all my kibble in my crate, but don’t watch me! I prefer to eat in privacy (all ladies have to have their secrets). I am a very spoiled little lady, and therefore am also much more likely to drink my water if it is chilled for me before being offered. 
To my Furever Family: I have waited patiently for all my life to meet you and I cannot wait for us to be together. If my story sounds like I am the perfect pup for you, then please apply because I am eager for us to meet! I am impatiently awaiting your application so you can take me home to be your mischievous, bed headed, little fluff companion forever. 
Name: Calliope
ID # PDR893
Age: 2yrs
Gender: female
Spayed: yes
UTD vaccines: yes
Breed: Yorkie/ShihTzu
Colours: brown
Coat length: long
House trained: yes
Special needs: no
OK with kids: no
OK with cats: yes
Ok with dogs: yes (small dogs)
Status: adoptable
Microchip: yes
Size: small
Location: Cambridge
Pound Dog Rescue


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