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Roxie - Adopt Me!   

In shelter Dog

Lake Forest, CA, 92630
Pet name:
Roxie - Adopt Me!
Yorkshire Terrier
Hiya - I am Roxie. Hmm, what do you want to know? Well, here is what I think is important. 
1. I love my human. Love, love, love! 
2. Affection from my human? Love, love, love it!
3. Did I say I loved my human and being with them? In case you missed that or I forgot, nothing is better than my 14 pound self being allowed to hang out with my pawesome foster mama, as close as I can get to her. 
4. While this one isnt all that important to me, you might want to know that I am a round 5 years-old, am crate-trained, and get along with the fosters dog just fine. 
5. Walks. Walks with you would be incredibly awesome. Twice a day, please. Shorter hikes are great, too! I have good energy, but Im also ok just hangin. Oh, and when I am on those walks? Dogs at a distance sorta scare me...its too far to be sure if they are friend or foe, so I need you to have my back, you know? To make me feel safe.
6. I really like it if you are with me most of the time. Work from home? Retired? Thats my kinda pack. 
7. I stayed with a different foster when my foster-mama was away. She had a dog that I really did like to play with. But, I missed my regular mom and I was a bit anxious when she left me. SO, when you adopt me? I may take a bit to understand youll always come back for me. But, I will learn. 
8. I like to feel safe, have a good routine, and know what to expect. Little kids or lots of dogs running around or homes with people doing this and that and zooming by...oh, my, that seems scary to me. If I could pick? Id like a nice quiet home without a lot of people where it could primarily be me and my humans...and maybe another dog that I like, but I dont need a dog. What I need is you, my human so I can show you just how much I adore you. To be fair, it will take me a bit to feel safe and trust you. I wont jump in your lap immediately, but give me a week or so with some space, and as soon as I trust you, I will jump in your lap and want to stay there for the rest of my life. 

And, TLRD wants you to know that I could use a bit more leash training if you want me to be a great dog on leash. They also said to say that I take correction well, whatever that means. Oh, and that I listen and obey to both ""no"" and ""off"".

Lastly, have you submitted your application, yet? Please? I love my foster-mama, she really is pawesome. She isnt my furever home, though - that is you.


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