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In shelter Cat

Mission Viejo, CA, 92690
Pet name:
American Curl
Tabby (Brown / Chocolate)
Coat length:
Sam and his brother Cyrus were transferred to us from a local animal shelter. They came in as part of a hoarding/breeding case and were removed from that home along with 51 (!!!) other cats.

Sam, aka BeBop aka No No (his nicknames due to his CH) loves to play, investigate his surroundings, and keep a close eye on his foster family. He’s very affectionate and likes to gently poke and prod his humans with his large polydactyl paws. He will often follow his foster humans from room to room around the house because being left alone is not his favorite thing! He may become vocal if left alone for too long, but he’s happy as can be when in the same vicinity as his humans and his feline brother. American Curl cats are notorious for being exceptionally intelligent – some have been known to figure out how to flick light switches on and off, and many learn how to open and close doors and cupboards!

Due to the unique shape of Sam’s ears, his ear canals can trap wax, leading to ear infections so It’s very important to routinely examine his ears in order to prevent and/or identify any ear or inner-ear issues.

Sam, in addition to his adorable ears and big paws, has a mild case of cerebellar hypoplasia (aka CH and/or “wobbly cat syndrome”). CH is a neurological condition where his cerebellum is smaller than usual or not completely developed and this can affect his fine motor skills, balance, and coordination. Sam has affectionately been nicknamed “No-No” because this condition causes him to have minor head tremors, where he shakes his head back and forth.

His foster family has indicated that overall, Sam can get around just fine – he can scale the small cat tree (he loves to perch at the top!), expertly spar with his brother, and cuddle at night in bed with his foster mom. However, because of his CH, it is a must that Sam goes to a one-level home with no stairs to avoid accidental injury.

Sam is a very sweet, special, and occasionally spicy kitten. Please understand that due to his breed and his adorable bobble-head, we will be looking for the purrfect forever family.


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Sams $175 adoption fee includes his initial vet exam (while with our rescue), felv/fiv test, fecal, neuter surgery, microchip, flea treatment, and current vaccinations


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