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In shelter Dog

Bradenton, FL, 34211
Pet name:
Australian Cattle Dog / Blue Heeler
He was adopted on Sept 12 and returned monday the 25th.. Evidently he was marking on his sister, and the adopters didnt know what to do about it.. He wasnt being mean to her they were the best of friends, he was just claiming her. So that being said, we got an email yesterday from the shelter asking us if we can take him. Right before a hurricane which for sho is going to nail Florida.. Sweet Joanne Gamba,

went and bailed him out today. She can temporarily keep him thru the hurricane. We are in need of a foster / adopter for him by this weekend. We have all the medicals, everything was done. Can anyone help this poor guy out?? Im on the west coast so I cant even commit until I see if i even have a home left lol. Joanne cannot keep him for very long at all. Heeler folk please step up and lets get this guy in at least a foster home..

We had placed a rescue hold on SPIKE this am.. THis afternoon, I got a call from the shelter saying he was adopted by a gentleman who already had a heeler. Their meet and greet was fantastic, and off Spike went to hopefully have a wonderful life!! WAY TO GO SPIKE!!! THank you adopter!!!!!!

This sweet boy has been at the shelter for awhile.. he is languishing in there, scared and defensive.. His name is Spike, that will have to be changed.. As you can see his ears are back, he is a sad boy.. we had someone go eval him today.. Here are the results.. Young, maybe two. Sweet. Friendly. A different dog once he came out of his kennel. He perked right up. He came in as a stray and was next to another heeler that came in the same day, and they got along. That one was adopted. They are not sure about other dogs. He barks at them when they go past his kennel. I asked about lunging at them and was told "no".

He is still on light activity because he has just been neutered.

He is a little mouthy but very gentle. I felt he was trying to get my attention. Just typical behavior.

He needs someone who wants a Velcro dog.

He has not messed in his kennel so probably house broken. He has not destroyed toys.

Is there someone out there that could foster this boy and give him a chance to spread his wings?? He came in with another heeler who got adopted, so he does get along with other dogs. Herders do NOT do well in a shelter environment. He is vetted vaxed etc.. Anyone out there that can give this guy a place to land? He is currently on the east coast, so preference would be over that way. But it doesnt matter just would like to get him out.. Thanks...
Ewenity Farm, A Herding Dog Haven,Inc


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