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In shelter Dog

Wadsworth, IL, 60083
Pet name:
Tricolor (Brown, Black, & White)
Corporal here, reporting for duty! And there is a lot I can contribute to the team! I already know many commands like “sit” and “down”, and I am a very smart boy and a fast learner. I love playing with my toys, and I’m proficient at destroying the soft ones (I just tear them up though, I don’t eat them). I also love rope and ring toys to play tug of war. I will happily bring a toy to you to tug some more. After play time, I love to snuggle on the couch with my foster family, and snuggle up in bed with them too. 

I love to play with other dogs, but I really do like to wrestle with them, and that might be too much rough and tumble for some dogs. So I will need a home with no other pets, or a dog who likes to wrestle along with me. My foster family watches me carefully so that I don’t get TOO rough. No cats for me; I stalk the resident cat here in my foster home and she doesn’t like it one bit!

Life isn’t all playtime though, and I do have some things to work on so that I am (as they say in the military) ship-shape. If I get bored, I will find things to amuse myself, and they are not always my toys. I then go into defense mode, guarding whatever object I took. My foster family is working hard on this, showing me a better alternative so that I’ll give up whatever I’m not supposed to have. I am learning that the exchange is usually in my favor (and generally involves peanut butter!). But I do need to continue with this training and my forever family will have to practice with me. Foster Dad will be happy to tell you more about this training! 

I do like walking, and my mighty hunter instinct comes to the forefront, sniffing everything on my path and tracking every bunny, squirrel and dog I come across. I do ok in a crate, although I don’t love it, and sometimes do get a little down time in there. Foster dad says I am also 100% house trained. 

So you see, life with a Corporal can be pretty sweet! I offer up a lot of joy and a lot of laughs, and am willing to put in the training work to be the best boy ever. I also offer up a lot of snuggles, and I’m ready to be promoted to YOUR forever family! Contact Midwest BREW today and ask about me, Corporal!

NOTE: Dogs may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).


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