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BEATLE - Long Hair Marble Bengal Tabby-Look   

In shelter Cat

Newport Beach, CA, 92658
Pet name:
BEATLE - Long Hair Marble Bengal Tabby-Look
Highly Playful and Adventure SeekingBeatle is very affectionate and loves to cuddle any chance he can get. He is very sweet and has a gentle disposition. He loves to be touched and played with. He is incredibly active and very playful, with tons of energy. Beatle plays equally well with all his siblings and could be paired with either one.

He has an even temperament with a reserved personality. He loves to discover new territory and pretends that he is hunting around. He also likes to climb, jump, and play with any kind of toy. He will make a great family addition.


Im DiAnna and I can help you with information and arrange a meeting in the caregivers home.

However, we like to get to know the potential adopter before formalizing an application to discover if the cat of interest is a good fit. Some cats like getting all the attention and do best with people at home, some dont want to live with other cats and some dont like dogs and children. We want everyone to be happy! I know all the cats in our network and can speak with you about your search after I get to know you.

COVID has changed the way we do things so the interview process starts with you sharing in your inquiry about yourself, others in the home or others that visit regularly, current pets and about the ones that you have had in the past and where they are now. Your work schedule is important, and what lifestyle you plan for your pet; indoor only, indoor, but allowed out sometimes, indoor / outdoor.

I look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you. I am available to speak with you by phone and help you with your search but after you introduce yourself.

Then we proceed to a formal application and we accept short video clips of yourself, others in the home and the areas of your home that the cat will have access to.

A LITTLE ABOUT US: "We Specialize in "Pet-quality, Friendly, Sociable Cats and Kittens that Live in Private Homes with People That Love Them!" You, too, could become a foster parent to a cat, or a kitten litter! Just ask! It is super rewarding and a nice way to get to know cats before you adopt!

Community Animal Network believes that all young beings enjoy the action of playing with another. Kittens adopted in pairs with their BFF or, "equal energy playmate" are happiest when having friends to play with. Just like all young beings rough and tumble together making it fun to watch, too.

This kitty is being cared for by Community Animal Network, a non-profit organization founded by DiAnna Pfaff-Martin in 1996. C.A.N is a veterinary medical rescue with a vet internship program for aspiring veterinarians as young as 15 years old.

The founder of Community Animal Network, DiAnna Pfaff-Martin, is very particular about the quality of raising the kittens with vitamins, proper diet. A board-certified feline specialist provides the animals with their veterinary medical care and Community Animal Network offers veterinary internships to young people as young as 15 that have aspirations of becoming a vet.

Feral kittens are tamed to "pet quality" and rescue cats that are shy are disclosed and termed, "rescue quality" with a lower placement fee. With all adoptions DiAnna Pfaff-Martin gives valuable information about cat care in a "feline pet-parenting consultation" to adopters. The most current information is made available about how to keep your cat healthy, pet foods, litters and how to make your cat more affectionate and her specialty is teaching, "How To Make Cats Happy!" The AVID microchip is implanted in every cat and the chips registration fee is included in the adoption and the animals come with a 30-day heath commitment and return policy.

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Community Animal Network

P.O. Box 8662

Newport Beach, CA 92658


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