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In shelter Dog

Grant, AL, 35747
Pet name:
Black Labrador Retriever
Coat length:
Say hello to Hank!

Hank is a HUNK! This guy is estimated to be 1-2 years of age! His sweet face tells us he’s a lab, but his size suggests he might have a bit of Dane sprinkled in! Hank weighs approximately 80 lbs. He’s built tall and lean, and he’s the picture of youth and health!

Hank was found abandoned by his previous owners, dumped out on a dead-end road. We can’t figure out what would cause someone to treat a wonderful dog like Hank so poorly! However, Hank is excited for the days ahead and is looking forward to finding the perfect family!

Hank is still a young buck, so he has some puppy mannerisms and energy! He has so much love to give, but he can come on strong at times! For this reason, he might not be the best fit in a home with very young children. He could easily knock them over without meaning to cause harm. Older children who are stable on their feet would be a great match for Hank!

Hank is extremely personable and friendly! He doesn’t shy away from meeting new people, and he greets everyone joyfully! He would so enjoy a home with several members to love and spend time with! He would be overjoyed to have a stay-at-home/work-from-home parent to hang out with all day long! He just can’t get enough of his people!

Hank is a diamond in the rough. He is smart, loyal, and friendly! He knows commands such as “sit” and “shake”, and he will also politely “wait” at thresholds. He will benefit from a home that will continue to teach him how to be a gentleman. He walks well on a leash, but because he is a bigger boy, a confident handler would be great to keep him in line! Hank is totally potty trained as well! He has been working on learning to stay in a crate but doesn’t yet enjoy it. He is trustworthy when left out unattended in the home, but his foster family is working slowly to teach him that a crate is a safe place! (We wonder if he might have had an unpleasant experience before he became an SSLR pup, so we are going nice and easy with crate training!)

Hank prefers to be the only male dog in the house. He’s fine with the ladies, but he wants to be your only hunky boy in the home! He would enjoy having a female pup companion to play the day away! Hank doesn’t have any experience with felines, so a home without cats is best!

Hank is not a couch potato dog! He thrives off of daily exercise and would benefit greatly from a home with a fenced-in yard that he has easy access to during the day! He’s happiest to chase birds and bugs that whizz past him! That doesn’t mean that he can’t curl up for a good nap afterward though!

Hank is friendly, fun, high-energy, adorable, and affectionate! If you’ve been looking for a big baby to call your own, Hank is most definitely your man!!!
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