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In shelter Dog

Decatur, GA, 30030
Pet name:
Border Collie
Bear, and his brother Mickey, were owner surrenders to the pound. Their parents lost their home and were living in their car with the dogs when they turned the dogs into the shelter. Bear and Mickey are amazing dogs. They are very attached to each other and we would like to find them a home together. Theyve been together their entire lives and theyd like to keep it that way if possible. They dont experience separation anxiety when theyre apart, but they do love to be together and thrive this way. They mesh so well that having both of them is as easy as having one of them. Mickey and Bear are great with people and do well with kids. They love to run around the yard and are high energy when playing outside, but they are pretty chill inside and just like to lounge around. They are good with other dogs and house trained. They are crate trained but do not need to be crated when you leave the house or at night. They do get excited when you come home and jump up to greet you. They both pull on the leash but they ride well in the car. We believe the leash pulling could improve with training. They would make the perfect companions for anyone that works at home. Theyre happy to sleep by your feet all day. Theyll follow you around all day. They love attention and affection. They are both very
intuitive and sensitive. They both love to be on the furniture and they shed a lot so regular brushing will be a must. Mickey loves women but is very cautious of men and takes months to warm up. The fosters boyfriend can now put his leash on and take him for a walk if she isnt home, but that took a couple months and Mickey is still cautious around the boyfriend. Mickey isnt aggressive in any way, he doesnt growl or snap , hes just extremely shy and reserved. He will run to another part of the room or hide behind a woman if there is a man in the room. A man can pet Mickey when hes afraid and Mickey doesnt do anything, hes just extremely fearful. Mickey will sit in the same room with his foster Mom and her boyfriend, Mickey keeps his eye on the boyfriend but is never aggressive or agitated, just afraid and anxious.

Bear is much better with men than Mickey. Bear will be quiet when a new man comes to the house but he warms up in about 30 minutes and is not nervous.
They were both very scared at the pound but they are thriving in their foster home. Mickey will have no issues in a "female only" home and if there are men in the house also, he will need them to be very patient and kind with him. Mickey and Bear have both lost so much, please consider letting them enjoy the rest of their lives together in a loving home.

Age: 3.5 years

Age: 3.5 years

Weight: 60 lbs

Temperament: good with dogs and kids, cats unknown

Training: house-trained crate-trained , good on leash

Vetting: neutered, up-to-date on vaccines, heartworm negative

Email for questions about Bear:

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