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Laser 10025   

In shelter Dog

San Francisco, CA, 94141
Pet name:
Laser 10025
Border Terrier
This adorable little Cairn Terrier mix has the short leg, long bodied physic that all the mutts dream of. You know, short legs get you closer to the food, while the long body equals more surface area for scritches. Some say he resembles a wittle teddy bear throwing out beams of love in every direction. Others say he is a scruffy wittle curmudgeon because he just cant stand when people dont pick up after their pups! Hes the type of guy who takes pride in his lawn, waters it every evening at sundown, and enjoys a good daily roll around in the grass. He likes the UV rays so much that he has burned off patches of his coat. We warned him to wear sunscreen but he chose to turn his folded over ears in the opposite direction. Now hes too shy and embarrassed to go outside because he feels nude. Hes hoping for a new sweater vest to keep him warm and protected until his hair grows back! Until then he wants to stay inside and pigeon toe his way into your heart!


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