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In shelter Dog

Grove City, OH, 43123
Pet name:
•Name: Crew
· Male or female? Male
· Approximate Age:7 months
· Breed: boxer/pit mix
· Weight: currently 43 pounds; expecting to be in 70-80 range
· Any impairments: mostly blind (seems to be able to see shadows)
· Potty trained? Yes, but is still a puppy and will need more frequent trips outside
· Crate trained? Yes, but prefers the couch
· Good with other dogs? Yes
· Good with cats? Unknown
· Good with kids? Yes, but best with older kids/kids with dog experience
· Commands known: sit, crate – working on stay, place
· Needs fenced in yard? No, but would be helpful
· Need another dog in the home? No, but he would love to have a playmate
· Location: Marysville Ohio
· Energy level (high/med/low)? Med/High
· Bio:
My name is Crew, and I’m really hoping to be part of YOUR crew! I used to live in Texas, but I didn’t have a good home there and Speak for the Unspoken gave me a ride up here. I’ve been living in a foster home in Portage, MI. I would really love to find a permanent home!
I’m so happy about everything here! Couches, car rides, dog parks – a car ride to the dog park followed by a nap on the couch? Heaven!! I can get around just fine even without full sight (my foster mom thinks I can see shadows). It took me a few days to figure out stairs but now I’m up and down them like a champ. I love running around the backyard and chasing my four-legged foster sister. She doesn’t want to play as often as I do so I’m hoping your crew has a very playful dog for me to hang with.
Because I’m mostly blind, it’s harder for me to realize when my four-legged or two-legged friends have had enough, but my foster family is helping me learn. Turns out treats are pretty great and I like to do anything to earn them! I would love to be in a home that has a yard for me to run in, another dog to play with (or lots of trips to the dog park), and continued puppy training. I promise to repay you with all the snuggles. After all, a couch is most comfortable when I have a lap to put my head in!

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