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In shelter Dog

Hartland, WI, 53029
Pet name:
Cairn Terrier
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MY AGE: approx. 5 yrs. WEIGHT: approx. 12 lbs.   WHERE I AM FROM: AL 

MY STORY: Update 9/5/22- Weve been enjoying having Marlo (we call him Marley) as our foster.  He fits in so well that I havent really had the motivation to share much about him.  Were happy to have him here as long as necessary.  But, we do owe it to him to help him find his forever home so heres a short update.  He does well with my two dogs and leaves the neighbor dog alone even when the neighbor dog barks and barks through the fence.  He walks well on a leash which allows me to walk all three dogs at once. His little legs can keep up with the others and every morning we do a one mile loop around the park and on the weekends we do a 2.5 mile loop around the neighborhood.  He likes to chew bones (we have nylabones) and leaves other things in the house alone.  We spoil him and he sleeps with us at night.  He curls up at the foot of the bed and is still there when I wake up in the morning.  He likes people and likes to be where we are.  He does like belly rubs and ear scratches but isnt demanding about it.  Hes done well with the fireworks and storms that occasionally occur.  They dont phase him.  We had a group of about 10 people over for the holiday weekend and he did really well.  As terriers will do he barked and barked when people arrived but quieted down after a few minutes.  By the end of the night he was jumping into peoples laps for some scratches behind the ears.  Everyone commented about what a good dog he is.  Please read below for more info on Marlo.  

Marlo is a happy little terrier.  He is about 12 pounds and has done well with all the dogs hes met so far.  He lives with my family and has also done well with us and our visitors.  He is a typical terrier and will bark when someone arrives but after 30 seconds hes asking for chin rubs.  He does a cute "aroo" when hes excited.  He sleeps on a bed near my desk while Im working from home.  At night he likes to sit on the sofa with whomever is watching TV.  We do spoil him and hes been sleeping with us at night in bed.  Hed do fine in the crate at night though.  Hes been with us about a month and I think I can call him housebroken now.  In typical boy style there was occasional marking and accidents the first several weeks he was here.  I just use water and vinegar to clean up.  A belly band was helpful during that time.  Expect that in any new home hell go through that same adjustment.  He is affectionate and playful.  He likes to play with my 20 pound poodle.  He does well on a leash.  When Marlo arrived he needed some help getting healthy.  He was heartworm positive .  He was missing most of the hair from his back end due to flea dermatitis and had a yeast infection in the skin and kennel cough.  Poor guy.  Hes been treated for everything and is doing so well.  He went through heartworm treatment, was treated for fleas, had regular medicated baths and had some meds to help with the cough.  His hair is filling in nicely and hell just need monthly heartworm preventative like all dogs.  

Fostered in Arlington Heights, IL 


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Adopters must be 24 years of age. We can not adopt to families with children under the age of six. We also only adopt in WI, IL, and parts of MN. Most of our dogs are strays, so the breed is our best guess.
WI License #270548.

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