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In shelter Dog

Orlando, FL, 32806
Pet name:
Roo will need a special family and he is ready to start looking for them. 
Playful! Affectionate! Adorable! Roo is all of these and so much more. He was born with partial front legs and is learning to get around like a tripod with the most adorable kangaroo hops when he is excited. Roo loves toys, playing with a small ball outside, chewing on a good stick, and giving lots of kisses. Getting around can get Roo tired pretty quickly, but he likes stroller rides and sometimes being carried in between his independent bursts of energy. 
Roo enjoys other respectful dogs but would be ok as an only dog too. His adoptive home must be one story smaller home with either carpet or the willingness to purchase yoga mats to make a runway with traction for him. He cannot walk on tile or wood at this time. He needs adopters who are mostly at home. Roo is still a puppy but is making progress with housetraining if taken out frequently.
Special Needs:
Roos front leg nub has healed and his pain has resolved. He is feeling good and making significant progress on his mobility. He will need a special family and Roo is ready to start looking for them. 
Mobility Assistance:
Inside we make sure that Roo has some synthetic sheepskin over yoga mats to hang out on. They reduce pressure on his nubs. For now, he will need carpet or yoga mats to navigate home. He does pretty well on the grass outside but is carried in and out to go potty. Roo is a good candidate for a front-wheeled cart and we would like adopters to be able to provide this for him if recommend by his rehabilitation team. He occasionally still needs help balancing eating or drinking but most of the time is doing this independently now. 
Skin Care:
Roo gets a daily inspection, moisturizer, and massage of the callous at the tip of his right nub. 
Home Exercises/Rehabilitation Vet:
Roo has some straightforward exercises done during play and could definitely benefit from continuing with a rehabilitation vet to maximize his mobility and balance. He is currently seen by Dr. Mason at Florida Veterinary Rehabilitation in Deland. 
Roo was also born with one eye being smaller than the other. A condition called microphthalmia. It may cause some difficulty with depth perception but otherwise, his vision seems normal. 
Roo loves people. He will thrive with a family who has time to work with him, adore him, and protect him. He is such a happy and enthusiastic puppy!If interested, please apply at


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