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Jellicoe aka JELLY   

In shelter Dog

Vancouver, BC, V5R 3B9
Pet name:
Jellicoe aka JELLY
Brown / Chocolate
Coat length:
My name is Jellicoe aka Jelly and I am about 4 years old.  I weigh 3.7 lbs!

I am a weird little dude and not your typical cuddly Chihuahua. 
I am 100% velcro dog but that only means I will follow you around, and I will whine to get your attention,   but my whining does not mean that I want you to pick me up and carry me around.  I am definitely NOT a purse dog.  I have gotten much better since I first arrived in rescue and my whining has become much less in frequency lol. I learned that my foster mom just ignores me if I whine so it was a waste of my time..

I will trip you when youre not looking because Ill be right at your heels at all times.  You may even step on me and crush me to death, so you better have eyes in the back of your head when Im around..

Im a bit neurotic, even though Im a velcro dog, If youre not holding on to me real tight, I will jump out of your arms without warning, and fall to my ultimate death.  

I like to climb up onto your shoulders and sit there like a bird.  But I get restless so you cant trust me to stay there, if you let me fall I will break my bones and possibly end up dead.  My old daddy taught me to do things I am now told I shouldnt do. But breaking me of these habits will take patience and time. 

I have never ever been on a leash as I lived in the country on acreage.  Also because of this I DO NOT want to live in an apartment in a busy city.  I would like to have my own grassy yard, even if its small.  But you better make sure there are absolutely no gaps that I can squeeze through, because I am an escape artist and I can squeeze thru a 2 inch gap. 

I am crazy in the car.  I dont sit still and will try to climb on your head.  If you put me in a crate I will try to chew my way out and act like a freak until youll give in.  So lets not travel often hmmmkay?

I like to sleep in bed with my humans but I only sleep for about 30 minutes and then I will reposition myself.  And I will reposition myself every 30 minutes through the entire night, plus Ill throw in some whining to boot.  My foster mom says this is super annoying because I wake her up constantly through the night.  So it might be better to have my own room set up and leave me in there for sleepy time, which is what I have now and it works for everyone! 

I think if you give me lots of time to become accustomed to a different way of life than I was used to, I can change and adapt.  I can be cuddlier and more loving, I just didnt grow up with all of that mushy stuff, give me time and youll fall in love with me despite my quirks!

I absolutely do not want to live with little people.  I dont like little people, they scare me because they move fast and always try to grab at me. So if you have little people or are even planning on having little people in the future, please do not apply for me. 

Foster mom says Im so freaking cute, but so neurotic.  Shes never seen a Chihuahua like me!  I dont like cuddling in bed under the covers, I dont like being carried around, if you stuff me in your purse, I will jump out and run like heck - would love to see you try and catch me! 

I am super scared of cameras and cell phone cameras so I gave my foster mom a challenge trying to photograph me. I would like another small Chihuahua or small dog friend to cuddle with, cuz I like that at least. 

Im a super picky eater. And I will starve myself if I dont get my favorite food which is the Royal Canin Mini Adult dry food - I hate that gross canned crap. I cant afford to lose any weight so youll be pulling your hair out trying to get me to eat. So dont even try to switch my food or pull that raw foodist nudist crap on me!

I had a full dental and my teeth are clean now.  Plus I wasnt neutered before but now I am.  Ive had all my vaccines and a microchip too. 

My adoption fee is $750 but youll have to complete the online adoption application if youre interested in me.  My rescue people will also come to your house to do a home check to make sure its 100% safe for me and my tiny body. 

My rescue people will only respond to applications that are a match for me because they get too many applications, so please be detailed when you fill it out! 

Heres the link that you can copy and paste into your web browser 

Application must be within the lower mainland only.  Thank you.


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