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Riley Roscoe   

In shelter Dog

Little Rock, AR, 72260
Pet name:
Riley Roscoe
Tricolor (Brown, Black, & White)
Coat length:
Riley Roscoe, born in January or February of 2015 is a tricolor, smooth coat collie /border collie mix. He is a very smart boy and has had extensive training over the years. He was adopted from us when he was about 6 months old and was returned to us 3 years later when the male member of the adoptive family, who had Alzheimer’s, became abusive toward him. In time he began developing his self-confidence again and began to lose his fear of men. Riley has some obvious border collie traits and the second adopter did not have the experience required to channel these traits in to positive qualities, so after a year he was again returned to us. He gets along well with the dogs in his foster home but can act aggressively toward a strange dog he does not know. He is not good with cats. He has now caught his second skunk. The first time he took the live skunk to his adopter’s back door for her. The second time, at his foster home, he caught one but another dog probably killed it and a third dog was carrying it around the yard. He was the one that got sprayed though. Riley weighs about 55 pounds. Riley is quite smart, wants to please and learns quickly. He rides well in a car and enjoys walking on a leash but does like to pull. Riley is neutered, up to date on vaccinations, is heartworm negative and is being kept on heartworm and flea and tick prevention to maintain his good health. If you would like to foster or adopt Riley, please complete the first step in the process by filling out our online adoption application. You can find the link to our on-line adoption application at on the right-hand side of our home page or by using the direct link 
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Please Note: All applications are processed in the order received, but an adoption is made to the best application received for each of our animals. All applicants must provide a vet reference on the adoption application. If you are adopting a dog from ARFA, a fenced in yard for the dog will be required. Home visits often occur with each adoption. ARFA has the right to deny adoption to any applicant for any reason without explanation. Please remember that the adoption donation is not for the purchase of the dog, but rather to help cover the medical costs of all dogs in our care.
1.  Animal Rescue Fund Arkansas reserves the right to deny any application, for any reason without explanation to the applicant.
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4.  Once the trial period is over, usually 1 week unless there are special circumstances, the adoption donation cannot be returned to you for any reason. It will have been used to help rescue another homeless animal and is no longer available therefore, if you return the dog to us for any reason, you will not be refunded your donation. Please remember that if you no longer want the dog, it must be returned to A.R.F.A.
5.  If the animal you want to adopt is placed in another home, you can transfer your application to another A.R.F.A. animal without completing additional paperwork.
6.  You understand that this is a rescued pet. We rarely have any information about their past life circumstances.  We have all animals examined by a vet, brought up to date on shots, given their rabies vaccine, spayed/neutered (If old enough), wormed and checked for heartworms and if positive begin treatment.  We do our best to ensure that we are placing healthy pets but can make no guarantee to the health or temperament of this pet, and vet expenses are the responsibility of the adoptive family from the date of the adoption.  We require that you take the pet to a vet within one week of adoption for a check-up and to allow your vet to get a baseline for your new pet’s health.


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