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In shelter Bird

Parrish, FL, 34219
Pet name:
Hello friends, my name is Kenny. I am a healthy, happy, friendly 14–17 year-old Sun Conure. My age is not nailed down due to my unknown age when I was first brought home.  

I have had a few homes over the years for various reasons, but each was for many years at a time, and I have always been a happy bird and a good eater with no behavior or plucking issues. I do have a split lower beak from a past injury. I get along and eat just fine but will need to have a professional groomer trim my beak every 4 5 or 6 weeks. The folks at FPR can tell you more about that and offer references if needed. 

My foster mom loves me already, she tells me all the time.... its getting a little annoying! She did mention that when I find my perfect forever home, she will birdsit anytime too!  

I love grapes, bananas, almond slices, Nutri-Berries and both my pellet and chop mixes. I like to come out of my cage and visit with the people in the house a few times a day especially in the morning. Whoever has a banana is my favorite that morning! I havent let them scritch on me yet, but I like to snuggle close. One thing that my foster mom couldnt believe at first is that I have an early bedtime. I like to be covered in my quiet space and go "night night" between 4 and 5 in the afternoon! I will remind you when its about that time by saying "night night". When I wake up, I will squawk in the morning for breakfast around 7:30 or 8 a.m. 

If you are interested in being my forever person, please keep this in mind, I am set in my ways and cant play with you late into the evening, I am a daytime partier. Please let Florida Parrot Rescue know if I sound like your #1 bird (my foster mom calls her Sun Conure "#1 bird" so I can only be #2 here!) 

Kenny would love a "Welcome to Foster" present! My favorite bird hut hideout got broken loops recently, foster mom gave me a new one until she can fix it. I also have my eye on a new model-its on my wishlist! You can view his Wishlist at this link:

Foster Location: Parrish, Florida

Interested in adoption? Please go to our website to fill out an application, view adoption fees and to read our adoption protocols at

An avian veterinarian has properly vetted all birds before they are placed up for adoption. Adoption fees include the bird’s cage IF the bird has a cage - most do, but please ask!

Please e-mail us at for any questions!


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