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Journey in TN   

In shelter Dog

Shelbyville, TN, 37160
Pet name:
Journey in TN
Coat length:
CITY, STATE:  Nashville, TN
NAME:  Journey (Chiweenie)
AGE:  7 yrs.
SEX:  Male
WEIGHT:  10.6 lbs.
COLOR:  Black and Tan
COAT:  Smooth
SPAYED/NEUTERED:  Yes    DATE:  8/15/22
DHPP:  Yes    DATE:  8/15/22
RABIES:  Yes    DATE:  8/15/22    TAG NUMBER:  1595
ADOPTION FEE:  $300.00 + $25.00 (microchip fee)
CRATE TRAINED:  Yes, but doesnt like it
HOME W/ SMALL CHILDREN:  Only over the age of 10 years and who are respectful of a dogs space
HOME W/ OTHER DOGS:           MALE:  Yes        FEMALE:  Yes
HOME W/ CATS:  Unknown
MICROCHIP BRAND AND #: 911PetChip  991003911254614
MONTHLY HEARTWORM DATE:  2nd of each month
RESCUE #:  2022-07-28-01

BIO:  Journey came from a home where he was not being well cared for and we agreed to take him. He has a flea allergy and has hair loss on his back end, but we are treating it with medicated baths and antibiotics. For that reason, he wont be ready to go to his forever home just yet, but we wanted to get his sweet face out there so you can see him and hopefully want to adopt him. We think hed do better with another small, adult dog to keep him company if you have to leave. He loves to sleep in the bedroom with several of the other fosters and snoozes the night away in a doggy bed.

Our must-haves for adorable Journey include:
  - A fenced yard
  - Someone newly retired or who is home a lot
  - Another small, adult dog (male or female as he gets along with both)
  - No apartments, high-rises, or condos since he could bark at shared walls
  - Hes interested in cats, but we are not sure hed chase them, probably only if they ran

Journey is super sweet and really just wants to be loved by you. His fur loss treatment is going very well and we believe most, if not all, of his fur will grow back. Please consider this little boy, you wont be sorry you did.

If you think you might be interested in him, please email his foster mom, shell be happy to tell you all about this sweet, funny boy who loves squeaky toys!

============== Information for All Dogs/Adopters ==============

AADR does not recommend dachshunds for families with children under 5, or families planning to have children during the dogs lifetime. Dachshunds are often not patient with little kids, and kids can accidentally hurt a dachshund’s back or get bitten.

If you have questions about this dog, please feel free to contact the foster home at the email address listed on the bio form.  They have the most up-to-date information concerning the dog and would be happy to answer any questions about the animal. 

There will be an additional $60 fee added for a required Health Certificate if traveling out of the state in which they are being fostered. 

We will not adopt into CT, RI, NH, ME, or MA due to strict laws regarding importation of dogs into those states.  If you have any issue with this, you will need to take this up with your legislatures.

To understand the adoption process through AADR, please review the Adoption Information on our home page.  Transportation options are outlined on that page in Step 3.

Click this link to apply:, it will take you to the application form.

Please dont let the distance stand in your way of finding your newest best friend.  We have volunteers who will help your "new friend" get up and down the East Coast or Midwest.  We just cant get them from one coast to the other.  Please look for dogs on your coast.


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