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In shelter Dog

Cresco, PA, 18326
Pet name:
Dogo Argentino
White / Cream
Coat length:
Simon is literally the happiest boy in town. He is constantly smiling and ready to make you hold your belly in laughter. This 5-6 year old 80lb deaf white Dogo Argentino is super dog friendly. There is just no resisting this boy. He loves to cuddle right up under, over, to the side of you or a fur sibling. He will lay there and snooze the day away right by your side. Not in the mood for a nap? Simon has energy to take on the day with you- hiking, swimming, or being a trusted co-pilot. Seriously, this boy loves to play, smile, and anything to do with water- even baths! He absolutely LOVES the water. Rolling around in the kiddie pool is literally his favorite activity! He is the best dog sibling they could ask for. Sorry kitties, Simon and you wont be friends, he reserves his loves to humans and dogs. 
Simon was born with a handicappable trait- he is deaf. This never stopped or limited him in any way before. He is learning hand signals like a champ and excelling at all tasks put ahead of him. You really could not ask for a cuter, more lovable boy. His personality hasnโ€™t sold you yet? Well how about his captivating sky blue eyes that will take your breath away or his adorable brindle spot on his tushy? Everything about Simon commands your love and heart. He will make a wonderful addition into your home.
If interested in fostering or adopting Simon, please email us at or **Due to a gmail glitch, some emails get lost. So if you do not hear back from us please follow up! We respond to all emails.
Simon was adopted from us 4 years ago. After his adopter got married and had a child, they had less and less time for Simon. Unfortunately, Simon suffered and his heart broke even further when his dog brother passed away. Unwilling/able to work with Simon through all of this, the adopters chose to remove him from their home. Simon is devastated, but luckily he never forgets his friends. After not seeing us for years, it was like we never missed a day together. Our reunion was flawless and he deserves the best life has to offer!
Twenty Paws Rescue


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